The Night Is the Light

The Kin of Aries

Spirit of Darkness, Lord of Light

Instant recap, Chapter 1: Beyond the cosmos and its endless repetitions there is the timeless unchanging Absolute, represented by a divine eye watching the eternal conflict between the dualities that comprise the created universe.

Chapter 2, by Ella: The works of Julius Evola & Miguel Serrano provide a left-hand path for Aryans, teaching us to never surrender to God, who is actually an evil entity. Instead we must conquer him with the aid of Lucifer, who is not the Devil but our spiritual liberator. We say NO to the whole of creation and will transcend it by entering the Great Night, which is the true reality.

3. The Night Is the Light

We opened our spiel with an image of an eye in the center of creation, representing the ultimate reality, called the Absolute in Western philosophy. Ella called it “the Unknowable…

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Christine’s Redemption

In 2001 in an eGroup devoted to near-death experience (NDE), I met a lady named Christine who gave an amazing account of an ultimate spiritual experience.

One of the most compelling things about this story is the fact that Christine, though she obviously has a high native intelligence, was a simple, ordinary person who was born, raised, and married somewhere in the American heartland (she wouldn’t tell me exactly where). Before her experience, she had unquestioningly believed and accepted the traditional Protestant Christianity that she had been taught as a child. Her story first came out in excited little snippets which she told in a dramatic and haphazard way in posts to the list. I went through them and methodically cut and pasted until I had the whole thing in chronological order, and then sent this document to her. She affirmed that yes, this was an accurate account of her experience in her own words; she added some more details, and later posted the resulting document to the list herself, as her own story. And here it is:


On May 24, 2000 I was driving to a friend’s house. I left my house around 11:30 pm and somehow got lost, an hour and a half in the opposite direction of my friend’s. I had an absolutely horrible panic attack in which I truly believed that the rapture had occured and I had been left behind; I believed that my car was not being driven by me and that I had no control whatsoever. I remember seeing “Jesus Saves” signs in neon red all around me. I was cold-turkey withdrawing from Paxil and some people concluded that is what caused the panic attack.

The circumstances leading up to the crash were just as strange to me as the NDE; I believed that there was a demon in the car with me…. it was pretty ridiculous…. but it caused me enough fear that I was driving like a lunatic and almost killed myself. I have always been a very down-to-earth, rational-thinking, “normal” person; (Paxil was prescribed to treat migraine headaches and stress.)

In the car before the wreck, I was thoroughly positive that there was an evil being with me…and that its main purpose was to draw me away from my husband; to try and convince me that I didn’t want him or love him as much as I loved and wanted the “demon”…who presented itself to me as my ex-husband…. I went from thoughts that I was left behind in the rapture to thoughts that I was actually in hell…. I was so petrified that I was driving over a hundred miles an hour and totalled my car. The song “Highway to Hell” by ac/dc was playing on my radio… I remember telling my husband that I tried to change my radio dial and it just turned and turned without changing.

Highway to Hell


Thank God I was alone in the car; no one else could have survived…. my son’s car seat was crushed into oblivion; my husband said he almost threw up when he saw the car. Thankfully, I was the only vehicle on the road at that time of night and didn’t hit someone else.

I have no memory whatsoever of the crash itself. I remember “knowing” that I was dead. There was never any break in my identity. I was still the same “me” but different in the sense that I “knew” myself to be an eternal being. I remember feeling Jesus and the crucifixion … all consuming unbearable pain and suffering … this is undeniably the most difficult part of my experience to convey. I felt and literally believed that I had been “crucified and resurrected” and that I had become completely One with Christ and felt exactly what He had felt. When I came back, I “knew” that I had experienced Christ’s crucifixion, and my saying this bothered a lot of people, especially my husband; but I can’t deny what I felt; it was the most earth-shattering, mind-blowing feeling and beyond any imagining or describing.

The spiritual suffering, the crucifixion, was followed by a release of weeping, overwhelming joy… bliss… ecstasy… and, the way I described the “release” of the suffering into the euphoria to one of my friends was that of the most absolute all-consuming total mind and body orgasm that a person could possibly experience… only much, much more intense than anything physical could EVER be.

I traveled through a dark tunnel, which reminded me of birth. Once I came through the tunnel, I was in a “blackness”, but not a bit afraid; very, very much the opposite. I was aware of being in a total darkness — not the same as being in a dark room; it was a nothingness… a “nowhere”… but I did not give it any thought at all … I was too thrilled at the realization of eternity to notice or care that I was alone… and it didn’t feel like “alone” anyway…. It felt like a unity with everyone and everything in the entire universe; it was awesome. I felt such an indescribable absolute rapturous joy at knowing that we are eternal.



It was a truly horrible car crash — it is amazing that I survived at all. The state trooper told my husband that they expected to be scraping me from the inside of the car when they saw it. The trooper was convinced that I was on drugs because my first coherent words were: “what does ecstasy feel like?” They were very surprised when all of my toxicology reports came back clean.

In the hospital, I had many thoughts of my children’s births and of the “knowledge” that I would be having another baby soon. Also, going through the cat scan triggered “memories” of Christ’s tomb. I rambled on and on for days about the immaculate conception, the birth of Jesus, the crucifixion, the resurrection and especially of the second coming, which I knew to be fact, but had absolutely no knowledge of the nature of how or when the second coming would occur. I also kept talking about how I was going to have a baby.

My injuries weren’t spontaneous like in a true stigmata; they were a direct result of the crash but they were to my hands, feet and hairline; two days later I got a horrid rash on my left side which was completely unrelated to anything — but even my husband thought the placement of my injuries was “weird” but coincidental.

For about a month after coming home, any time I touched my husband or tried to kiss him, we both got shocked badly. But I ended up getting pregnant 3 months after my NDE. I’m due on May 14th, ten days before the 1 year anniversary of my NDE. Ultrasound shows that it’s a girl.

Well, I do still have a hard time believing that I “AM” Christ….I believe that I “experienced” Christ. But, there’s no denying that I did walk around for a time believing that I was Him, or just like him (made in His image…..) I even remember sitting at the edge of the lake thinking that I would be able to walk on the water, if I wanted to. And, when I looked at my two-year old son, I also thought of him as Christ…… but I didn’t see this in everyone that I looked at; just him and myself.

If I allow myself to believe that I AM “Christ”, then that is what I was raised to believe as blasphemy; so it’s much, much better for me to know that Christ lives in me, which I know He definitely does. Maybe it’s exactly the same thing? And, no one has to tell me that SATAN lives in me as well; this is evident to me every single day….more evident than Christ which is something I am trying to change.

Not too long after the accident, I “saw myself” as Satan (more accurately I thought I was the antichrist) and believe me, it terrified me. More because I **definitely** thought I was going truly insane than me really believing I was the antichrist.

I also had the horrible notion that I am presently in Hell and would be here forever; constantly and forever reincarnated into this disgusting, vile, hateful world NEVER to get out of it….

(Later:) Things are kind of hectic with a new baby. She was born early, on May 1st (2001). The baby is beautiful. I’m overly obsessed about her health, etc.; that’s normal mother stuff. Anyhow, she’s wonderful and I’m glad she’s finally here.

I don’t even want to read my own story anymore because it takes me too far away from where I have to be right now. It makes me too wrapped up in myself and not in my children and family; it pre-occupies entirely too much of my thoughts and I don’t want it to be this way anymore.

Something extraordinary happened to me; it happened for a reason as everything does. I need to accept it, move on and let it take its course.

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(In)Credible Journeys 4


God Light by Charles Edward Sellner,

4. An Encounter with the Creator

Perhaps because he was now pathfinding OOBE for other people, Monroe came to realize that he had had unseen help in his hazardous early journeys. This brought him into open contact with the helpers, whom he labeled with the playful acronym INSPECS, short for “intelligent species” ~ implying that humans are not quite so. The power and wisdom of these beings gradually become apparent in Monroe’s rendering of his friendly banter with them.

Always asking his permission first, his INSPEC contact caused Monroe to have a series of visionary experiences. One was a flashback to a forgotten childhood scene in which he had remembered his existence before he entered into human life. In another, he was flowing through a long, flexible tube as a waveform with a sense of identity, his basic ‘I’. Other tubes began to connect with it, and he conjoined with other ‘I’s flowing through them; each time it was an ecstatic reunion. It was moving toward the goal of the reassembly of his total Self, with the sense that this far-off completion would make him a godlike being ~ in fact, an INSPEC.

Monroe asked the INSPECS if they had created the Earth and humanity; the reply was that they could do such things if they wanted to, but in this case it’s “not their department”. In a later sequence, he expressed a desire to encounter the being who actually did create our world. The INSPECS said that he wasn’t ready for that, but agreed to take him to the vestibule of the realm where this being dwelled. As it turned out, even a glimpse from a distance, heavily shielded by the INSPECS, almost blew him away. He was convulsed by “great racking sobs” and felt like he was melting. They told him to focus on the center of the shield rather than the actual radiance visible around the rim; he did, and was then able to get himself somewhat under control, though he had to work continuously to keep the floodtide of emotion below the threshold, the feelings of rapturous wonder, joy, awe, and reverence. He perceived the source of this glory at first in the form of a “tall humanoid standing with its arms outstretched in front, palms upward”; then its shape resolved into a shining globe.

He began thinking that this must surely be “the ultimate heaven, the final home” ~ but the INSPECS then unveiled a deeper view. Behind, above, or beyond the globe, and encompassing it, was a larger one of similar appearance and even more brilliant radiance. Then he saw another still greater sphere beyond it, and another and another….

With encouragement from the INSPECS, Monroe stuck out an astral finger from behind the shield and got the tiniest little zinger of direct radiance from the sphere. It knocked him for a loop, but it was a supreme spiritual experience which transformed his life ever after.

Part II: A Loop in Time and Space

(In)Credible Journeys Index

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The Sacred Nights

Note: The word Thuleans in this essay refers to all white people who have awakened to their racial heritage.  It’s based on the mythos of our spiritual homeland: Thule.

In the year 2000 I was communicating by email with a young lady who called herself Dahlia. She asked what holidays or holydays Thuleans celebrate, and I replied that we honor the Equinoxes, Solstices, and Cross-Quarter Days. When Christmas came around she sent me a card, and wasn’t sure what greeting to inscribe on it. She settled for “Happy Winter”, which seemed to reveal that she was not aware of the spiritual significance of the Solstice. And so I did my best to explain it to her in this wise:

Dear Dahlia,
For thousands of years before the time of Jesus, our ancestors celebrated the birth of God on Earth at the Winter Solstice. God is the Sun. He gives his light evenly all year round to the tribes who live in the Tropics, so they have no need to keep track of the cycles of the year, and did not even know of Solstices and Equinoxes until people from the North came into those lands.

The farther north you go on the globe, the more drastically does the Sun recede as winter approaches, until at the Arctic Circle he disappears completely and darkness reigns. But the people happily discovered that God the Sun dies and is reborn on the same day, namely the Winter Solstice, when the movement of the Earth in her orbit brings the tilt of her axis back toward the south, and the days begin to lengthen once again, and darkness gradually begins to recede from the land. And so they celebrated the return of the Light ~ oh Light, the Light Divine!

The oldest civilization known to postmoderns is Egypt, and this high culture was founded by Thuleans, a remnant of those who fled the fall of Atlantis. The Pharaoh was the Son of the Sun, named Horus, a divine incarnation of the Father-God, Osiris. Horus was born of a Virgin, the Mother-Goddess Isis. The icons you know of Mary and the infant Jesus were modeled on Egyptian statues of Isis and the baby Horus.

When Classical Graeco-Roman civilization reached the point of the cycle for a divine (re)birth, there was a veritable influx of contending Avatars. In what by today’s reckoning would be the Year Zero, the most popular Son Of God was Mithras, a deity who presided over a mystery cult which held sway amongst the Roman Legions and the Patrician nobility. Mithras had seized the imaginations of the educated elite because he transcended the primordial pantheons of the old traditions. Zeus reigned on Olympus and Jupiter on the Capitoline, but Mithras was a breakthrough to a new layer of deity: he was a Universal God, who held sway over all creation. This included notably the starry sky, which was *Heaven*, before a later dualistic notion clove Heaven in twain twixt an invisible realm of ghosts and the celestial dome that we see with our naked eyes. The initiates of Mithras ascended to the planets and stars in their rites of passage, in preparation for the final passage after death. Only the souls who had received this chrism of Mithras could go to the heavens; the rest descended into the underworld of Hades. I’m sure this sounds fairly familiar to you by now; but as an afterthought let me just add that Mithras was born on the Winter Solstice, which on the calendar in use at the time was December 25th.

Of course as we know a cult that originated in Palestine carried the day, and its Messiah thereby acquired the fiat as the *one and only* Son of God ~ or at least the only one known to the multitude ignorant of history. In fact the latecomer overtook Mithras precisely because he spoke to the multitude, and overwhelmed the aristocratic Avatar by force of numbers. In the recurring cycles of epochal time, all that matters is that there is an entity to carry the archetype, and allow the people to realize that God is endlessly reborn in the heart of humanity.

Magickal Mistletoe:

Magickal Mistletoe:

The Germans in their forest fastnesses were among the last to be converted to the all-conquering cult of the Christian Avatar. They clung the longest to the ancient Thulean custom whereby the Winter Solstice opened a magical interval marking the difference in length between the Solar and Lunar years, which is twelve days. A month, as you may know, is a “Moon”; in antiquity the Solar and Lunar calendars were coordinated, so that every month began and ended with a Full Moon, and the 15th day in the middle was the Ides or Dark of the Moon ~ which is why that New Moon in March was so inauspicious for Julius Caesar. But in such a calendar there are twelve days left over at the end of the last Moon ~ they are not part of any month, and even the days of the week do not apply. Therefore the custom was to celebrate this as a temporary respite from the cycle of time, and allow the people to revel in atavistic fantasy, which was nevertheless heavily o’erladen with a cast of the sacred. The Romans called it Saturnalia, because Saturn (or Chronos) was the God of the Golden Age, and these twelve short days were a nostalgic return to that blessed realm.

Though moderns have mostly forgotten these orgins, their calendar still reflects the olden interval, as the New Year begins twelve days after the Winter Solstice. And practically no one in Western Civilization remembers why there are Twelve Days of Christmas. . . except perhaps the Germans, who did not adopt the term “Christ’s Mass” for the occasion, but rather kept the more ancient word “Weihnachten”, which means “the Sacred Nights”. Thus the plural became singular under the new custom of a single day for the celebration; but the Volk-soul remembers the twelve days and the sacred nights, even though the conscious minds of the individuals may have long since forgotten.

Froeliche Weihnachten,

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Love and Marriage, War and Motherhood

Modern anthropology went a long way toward revealing the mysteries of the primeval past, so we know a lot about how our ancestors dealt with the challenges of living in nature in Paleolithic and Neolithic times. The record of their bones and artifacts doesn’t tell us enough about their erotic lives and relationships, but fortunately there’s a document from the time when the Roman Empire coexisted with the Neolithic peoples to the north: Germania by the Roman historian Tacitus.

The Germans as portrayed by Tacitus seem primitive in many ways: they dressed mostly in animal skins, were illiterate, and preferred war and plunder to tilling the soil. There were some positive advantages to this, as revealed in the passage: “All the children are reared naked and nasty; and thus grow into those limbs, into that bulk, which with marvel we behold.” For indeed the Romans never succeeded in conquering Germania, despite centuries of relentless campaigns.

Might we expect such barbarians to be promiscuous or licentious in their sexual habits? If we did we would be wrong, for Tacitus informs us: “Slow and late do the young men come to the use of women, and thus very long preserve the vigor of youth. Neither are the virgins hastened to wed. They must both have the same sprightly youth, the like stature, and marry when equal and able-bodied. Thus the robustness of the parents is inherited by the children.” Furthermore: “The laws of matrimony are severely observed…. This they esteem the highest tie, these the holy mysteries, and matrimonial Gods…. The very first solemnities of the wedding serve to warn the bride that she comes to her husband as a partner in his hazards and fatigues, that she is to suffer alike with him, to adventure alike, during peace or during war.”

Married couples “live in a state of chastity well secured; corrupted by no seducing shows and public diversions…. Amongst a people so numerous, adultery is exceeding rare; a crime instantly punished, and the punishment left to be inflicted by the husband. Having cut off her hair, he expels her from his house naked, in presence of her kindred, and pursues her with stripes throughout the village. For, to a woman who has prostituted her person, no pardon is ever granted. However beautiful she be, however young, however abounding in wealth, a husband she can never find.

“Since none but virgins marry, all their views and inclinations are confined to a single marriage. Thus, as they have but one body and one life, they take but one husband, that beyond him they may have no thought, no further wishes. They love him not only as their husband but as the God of Marriage. To restrain generation and the increase of children is esteemed an abominable sin, as also to kill infants newly born. And more powerful with the Germans are good manners, than with other people are good laws.”


What are we to make of the mating customs of the ancient Germans, as described by Tacitus? First of all, his detailed picture of primeval love cuts through the dichotomy which exists in the postmodern mind, imagining that a culture must be either hedonistic or sexually repressed. This view is a historical consequence of centuries of dogmatic religious repression followed by the relatively sudden opening of the sensual floodgates in the twentieth century. These opposite extremes can find middle ground and balance only in a society following the way of nature.

Religious morality serves the purpose of restraint in the matrix of civilization, which is always artificial in the sense of being removed from nature; thus even the high religions are responsible for imprinting the masses with distortions and useful falsehoods. Up until the late twentieth century, almost everyone took for granted that sex was inherently dirty ~ even those who heartily approved and reveled in it ~ and that there was an instinctive moral sense which found it shameful. Modesty was therefore conceived as a religious virtue which could be cultivated by piety. Of course this has a measure of validity, but the true nature of the virtue is misconceived if it’s not first understood from the bottom up.

The primeval Germans certainly viewed sex as a natural function and didn’t find anything “nasty” about it, even if civilized commentators on their lifestyle might use that word. By the same token, they were well aware of the natural dynamics of sexual energy. The young men did not “come late to the use of women” because they thought it was immoral, but because they knew that indulgence would impair their masculine vigor ~ a crucial consideration in a society where the physical survival of every man is dependent on his strength and ability to fight. Training and honing of martial skills must have been a big part of the men’s daily routine. Likewise if a married man declined to make love with his wife too often, it wasn’t because he was repressed or felt ashamed, but because he wished to improve his odds for victory and survival in the constant round of battle vs. neighboring tribes and the Roman Legions.

The opposite side of the same dynamic worked for the women: modesty and moderation arose not from morality but primality. Flagrant display and flaunting behavior will bring dramatic consequences when it’s done unto primal men, a drastically different interface from the metrosexual Matrix. There was no artificial power-structure to intervene between a man and his wife, nor between a father and the law he laid down for his daughters. So from an early age a girl would form imprints that made modesty and fidelity second nature ~ or perhaps we should say first nature, certainly more basic than what civilized and religious people call “morality”.

Women also had a first-person stake in conservation of sexual energy, in that they needed it not for war but for the equally demanding tasks of motherhood. Virtually every woman was a mother from the beginning of her marriage until the coming of age of her last child after menopause. The burden, however, was mitigated by a factor that’s little known today. Even though the Germans and other primeval people did not artificially “restrain generation and the increase of children”, this is done by nature herself, whose way is for mothers to nurse their children up through the age of three. Lactation tends to prevent conception, to assure that every child gets the full share of their rightful bounty. Thus a woman in a sexually active marriage for the full length of her fertile years with no miscarriages might bear a total of seven or eight children. This is a far cry from the modern era in our own civilization, where families of 12, 14, or even 18 children were not uncommon. Now we can see that this is a totally unnatural state of affairs.

Our last quote from Tacitus was that good manners were more powerful for the Germans than good laws. This means that the shared sense of communal values rooted in tribal tradition stretching back into a timeless past was so potent and all-encompassing that the people had as little use for formal laws as they did for written language. Their law was written in their hearts, the philia (familial love) of a bonded kindred, which all understood and held sacred.

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The Alpha and Omega of Love

THULE ~ An Alt-Reality


3. The Alpha and Omega of Love

In Thule men are warriors and leaders, while women are wives, mothers, and lovers. This is because they are primal people living in a state of nature ~ and in all such human groupings since the species began, the sexes are polarized: the men are yang and the women are yin. This is in stark contrast to the vast sliding scale of ambisexual people between the poles of yang and yin in the postmodern world.

Thule is different from all other primal societies because the people are also endowed with the Spirit. When a Supernal alpha male makes love with a woman, her body erupts in orgasmic passion and the shackles fall from her heart as she melts into the ecstatic Oneness and attains everlasting love ~ erotically with the man and spiritually for all sentient beings.

The opposite complement and primal peer of the alpha male is the omega female. This is a woman brimming over with scintillating sexual energy, the marvelous mother-lodestone of yin who draws to herself the yang arrows of everyman’s compass. If such a woman has the ability to combine her orgone with Spirit, she will be a Shakti: a sacred priestess of love.

The alphas and omegas are a minority in Thule, just as they are amongst other peoples (though never so minuscule a minority as in postmodern times). This has been a perennial challenge to the human condition, since the majority of men and women would prefer a mate or lover from the ranks of the sexual elect. The most common solutions have been polygamy and prostitution; but in Thule there is a better way.

The alpha males do in fact practice polygyny, meaning that each of them mates with a whole harem of women; but those who are God-realized have mastered the passions of the primal state while retaining all of its power and potency. They have transcended jealousy and the other vices attendant on sexual union, and so they’re willing and able to share their harems with other men. And the alpha males who have not yet attained the Supernal state follow their high example.

The Dharma (sacred vocation) of most of the women who are mates of an alpha male is to be wives and mothers; they are called hearth-women, with the same dual valence of “heart” as in the English tongue ~ they are nurturers in every sense. Rather than monopolizing this wealth of love and devotion, like the unenlightened polygamous potentate, the alpha Thulean gives most of his hearth-women in marriage to men who are honorable and deserving, but have less than an alpha quantum of Yang. Though the women may love and honor their husbands, their primary troth is still to their alpha male. The pact is that they periodically return to his embrace, and thus to the heights of erotic passion, often when they’re fertile. In this way the top-quality sperm of the alpha males produces an ongoing bumper crop of babies, whom the husbands gladly serve as foster fathers in return for the blessing of wives who would otherwise be above their natural station. This remarkable social praxis is called alpha polygyny.

A smaller proportion of the alpha’s harem is made up of the Shaktis, the omega females. They are often the majority in residence, however, for their permanent marriage is to him. Yet he shares them in a different way with other men, for brief liaisons only, or even for a single night of eros. This is always very invigorating for the man so honored, filling him with the radiant ecstasy of divine love. Such men repay the favors in diverse ways: they may serve in the legions of the alpha male, or toil in his vineyards, or render him tribute in some other manner. Most Shaktis who are not married to alpha males conduct their rites in Goddess temples, where healing miracles are performed for people of both sexes, but especially for men.

So it is that social forms which in the normal human world are merely carnal and debased, in Thule are redeemed unto the heights of Spirit, and the Dharma (sacred destiny) is fulfilled for everyone. The Thulean term for Shakti praxis as a whole is omega polyandry.

Coming soon: 4. Holy War ~ the Real Thing
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THULE ~ An Alt-Reality


Life as it’s lived in postmodern times is not my life. The world as it is ~ or at least as it seems to be ~ is not my world at all.

Sometimes when the Moon is full, or my mind is still, or the Sun reflects just so on a shard of glass, I remember my real homeland. It may have been long ago or far away, but often it’s as lucid as yesterday’s walk in the woods. My best guess is that it really exists right here and now on Earth, but as a parallel world, an alternate reality. And always the name is as clear as a bell: it’s called Thule. This name has two syllables, and rhymes with “truly”, at least in the English tongue.

I’d like to share with you some of the lore of Thule, its worldview and folkways, as best I can reconstruct them. My hope is that they will be read by a few of my fellow Thuleans, and then we can remember and dream together ~ and perhaps even resurrect Thule right here on Earth in the present day. I think that if such a thing happened it would be the end of postmodern times and the start of a whole new aeon.


Atlantis ~ Augustus Knapp

1. Theocratic Anarchy

There is no religion in Thule, because everything is sacred. The Spirit breathes forth in every act of life, and breathes out in every death. The highest form of Spirit is called Supernal by the Thuleans. This is the divine Oneness, the source of all light, love, and power. As you might guess, it’s also called God.

In Thule many people have Supernal experiences; they are said to be God-realized. Of these, some become almost perfect instruments of the Supernal radiance, and bestow it freely upon the people. Thus they are called Sons of God and Daughters of Goddess ~ or simply Avatars, the same word used by the Hindus. Such incarnate male and female divinities will often be wed to one another, so obviously in every case it’s a match made in heaven.

There is no government in Thule, because as large as the population may grow, it’s all one big family. Every father and mother is the King and Queen, the President and Vice President, of their own family; and just as their children respect and obey them, so do all the people of Thule honor the couple who are the most perfect incarnations of God and Goddess. Other radiant souls play the roles of uncles and aunts and (of course) Godparents in the great extended family that is Thulean society. It all happens very spontaneously, or by the design of a Higher Power, depending on your point of view.

There is no law in Thule, because it’s ruled by love. Love exists in an infinite series of forms on an ascending scale from the depths to the heights. But even the pure white light of God’s love is the transmuted essence of erotic passion, which rises from the primordial fires of lust, surges up the shaft of the cosmic axis, fills the Sacred Heart with divine compassion, ejaculates the Holy Name in Heaven, and thence descends again as the blessing of redemption for us all.

There is no social discord in Thule, no class conflict, no collective envy of the lesser for the greater. This is because every individual is perfectly attuned to the divine radiance, the numenal music of the whole, which is literally a larger organism, a collective soul. Inborn gifts and talents vary as broadly among the Thuleans as they do for any humans; but in Thule the people rejoice in the magnitude of power and energy which their leaders, guides, and teachers possess by natural capacity, because these blessings are freely shared with all. The burden of power is never shirked; the high ones hang on the cross and shed their blood for those who are only too happy to render devotion and service in return.

2. Primal Tech

The Earth on which the Thuleans live, whether it’s in the past, the future, or an alternate present, seems to be mostly in a pristine wild state. There is no impingement on the natural habitat by industrialism nor a technologized lifestyle ~ yet some of the tech is there. Many of the buildings look like tribal huts and lodges, made of straw bales, pounded earth, and living timber; some of them, though, sport solar panels for electric power.

Hunting, fishing, and farming are the main sources of the collective livelihood; daily life features an optium combination of styles and devices from the Neolithic to the Medieval eras of our familiar history. Yet when a special need arises, or a certain kind of project, the people will go to storage places, some of which are caves, and resurrect items ranging from trucks and bulldozers to computers, laser devices, and other high-tech equipment.

These surprising observations made it clear to me that the natural, primal lifestyle of Thule is totally voluntary. The people do not view it as primitive or oppressive; this is how they wish to live because they’ve found it to be the best way. They’re obviously well aware of the dangers and drawbacks of mechanization if it’s allowed to proliferate without restraint.

The Thuleans seem indeed to have worked the miracle of combining material science with spiritual reality; they call it metascience. They have just as much knowledge of the physical world as our scientists and technicians, and just as much power to deploy it; but in Thule the Spirit is ever the master, and matter its faithful servant. The Spirit knows that it flourishes best in a state of nature, and so technology is never allowed to upset the vital natural balance.

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Eros Upshift

1. Rise and Fall and Resurrection

There’s a secret script behind the whole Überstory of creation and evolution. Here’s what happens, over and over again, on every scale from the highest heaven to the smallest molecules, and of course the human realm. God ~ or whatever manner of yang entity is filling his role ~ woos and wins the Goddess, in the guise of a scintillating yin being of whatever genus. They’re in the bloom of youth, and beget children who populate a paradise in a Golden Age. As time goes on, the once-godly patriarch gets soft and comfortable, and his yang begins to wane. This causes his spouse to get bitchy and bossy, until finally she takes over the turf and rules the roost. Naturally she lets the kids get totally out of hand; they slack off and fuck around until they’re no longer fit to carry the ball to the next generation. Sooner or later the ship hits the sand and the shift comes down: an evolutionary die-off, a twilight of the Gods, a global meltdown, an apocalypse ~ or of equal import on a smaller scale: the annihilation of a tribe by enemies, the demise of a clan, the extinction of a noble lineage, the dissolution of a family. And to the real people caught up in the tragic events, it’s always the end of the world.

But then, halleluyah, there follows resurrection and redemption: by any one of a number of religious or mythic miracles, the Lord regenerates himself. Now he is able to pump new life into his Lady as well; the geyser of fire cracks open the crust of her chrysalis, and she morphs back into her glorious Goddess-form, the embodiment of love and beauty, the vehicle of grace for all her children. Winter blooms into spring, the souls of the dead and the seeds in the earth arise to fresh birth, and a New Aeon begins.

Fidus-12. Regenerate Sex

We are now in the time of the Turning of the Aeons, when the desiccated husk of the old order revels in its last hurrah before collapsing into its own scatology. This document is a prospectus for those who wish to pioneer the New Aeon, presenting an effort to regain the high ground in the whole field of sexual love, which is Eros. The first premise is that unloving sex is not Eros, since “Eros” means “love”. It was originally the name of a God, and implies a divine origin for the act of passion. Eros can carry forth its sacred nature in the most passionate acts of love between men and women, who can sacralize themselves by the very act, and by the deep heart-bond it forms between them. This is the true aim of tantra, which is usually lost sight of in its degenerate postmodern forms. We make use of another Eastern term for the special kind of experience and relationship that derives from the heights of Eros: we call it Dharmalove.

Dharmalove is forever beyond the reach of people who live out their lives in the Matrix, and are content with sordid travesties of the act of passion. These humatons have never tasted the reality of true heart-bonded Eros, and most of them never will. Dharmalove may sprout up haphazardly in rare matings of high souls, but we prefer to cultivate it collectively in a spiritual econiche separate from the Matrix. Only in such fertile soil can Dharmalove bear its fruit unto the future.

3. Yang and Yin and North and South

Our collective is white, and so we must take into account the fact that sexuality is different for the heirs of the northern peoples than it is for other races: our natural inclination is restraint and sublimation, bred in the rigors of the frigid climes. This happens under the guidance of the fathers, for only the dominion of yang can preserve the race in its natural challenging habitat. Our mothers cherish their children, and are cherished in turn by their men. In almost all of our ancient tribes, women were granted the fullest measure of freedom possible in the primal world, and most of them expressed it in a manner natural to full-blooded women, within the bonds of Dharmalove.

The other extreme is expressed in the historical record of the dark southerly races, habitants of the broad tropical zone of the Earth. The warmer clime inclines the folk to indulgence, a proclivity which usually comes under the sway of the mothers. The dominion of yin favors the earth and the body over the sky and the Spirit. At its best, this facet of the human condition can produce long-lasting cultures rooted in stable forms of farming and handicraft. At its worst, it degenerates into cults of mass human sacrifice on the altars of diabolic goddesses, countless thousands of souls getting devoured by an insatiable gaping womb. And nowhere in this yin-dominated spectrum do there arise circumstances that facilitate the evolution of humanity into new forms, for this is the province of yang.

4. The Big Wilt

At the very end of the long cycle of aeons, the time of the Kali Yuga, the entire world comes totally under the dominion of yin. Religious prophecies foretold it, but only in general outline; no one could have foreseen the grisly details, because they hinge on the toxic effects of technology and the unnatural lifestyle it enables.

The cruder forms of pollution are just the skum on the surface of a planet poisoned to its molecular depths. Life has been not only mechanized but chemicalized; so many common items basic to postmodern life exude toxins into people’s homes, food, and bodies to such an extent that no one can keep track or take stock, much less pass protective legislation. Industrial waste was bad enough for the past two centuries, but now the residue from the ever-growing pharmacopeia of a drug-dependent populace has infused another colossal blight into the water supply.

One of the biggest impacts of this mass malignancy is the decline of yang. This is because most of the toxic substances are estrogenic, meaning that they mimic the effects of the female sex hormone. It impacts all species, producing hermaphroditic polar bears, fallow amphibians, and infertile males from auk to zebra to human. At the same time, the resulting excess of yin causes such problems as the dramatic rise of breast cancer in women.

5. The Sexual Balance of Power

In the human sphere, the decline of yang is drastically abetted by the degenerate lifestyle. A culture of sexual excess always favors yin over yang, simply because of the physiology of the reproductive organs. Of course there is a vast individual range of potency and power amongst both sexes, but on average men and women are basically equal in the amount of orgone (raw sexual energy) they have available. Natural processes cause the regular discharge of this orgone and prevent people from building up an excess, and the biggest loss is from expelling the reproductive cells, the sperm and ova. Thus for men the primary discharge of orgone occurs in the sexual act, while for women it’s in menstruation. If a man ejaculated only once a month, the balance of orgone between him and a woman would remain equal, and if he restrained himself longer he would build up an edge; but the normal tendency is for men to surrender to their impulses much more often than once a month. And so this natural mechanism tends to greatly favor women in the balance of orgone.

The hunting-gathering and Neolithic phases of human culture are always male-dominated, but as soon as a society becomes settled and comfortable in an agricultural way of life, it tends to become matriarchal and female-dominated, mainly because the men are spending less time in hunting and tribal warfare, and are splooging out lots more semen into the yonis of their women, and other receptacles as well. Over centuries or millenniums the sexual poles reach such a state of imbalance that the majority of men do not even participate in sex with women, and many of them become celibates and ascetics. Thus the pendulum swings back, and the reservoir of yang slowly begins to fill up once again.

During the rising of the tide in the last cycle, some of those ascetics and adepts developed the art of sexual alchemy, whereby semen could be not only retained but transmuted into a magical substance which transformed them into very superior individuals. This was further refined into tantra, whereby a man could make love with a woman passionately and repeatedly without losing any semen. These secrets eventually spread among the upper castes of all the ancient cultures, and the result was the birth of the great patriarchal age. Since the majority of men were not intelligent or self-disciplined enough to learn the secrets of seminal transmutation, their leaders turned them back to the rites of Mars ~ for the path of the warrior is the other principal way by which men can increase the quantity and calibre of their yang.

In seeking a ground of being for a new white community, we are faced with the challenge of restoring the sexual balance to the form that’s natural to our people. The only way to accomplish this miracle is to bring about the regeneration of yang and the elevation of manhood to its full stature and potency. This is the prerequisite step for the regeneration of sexuality itself, and the redemption of Eros.

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Once and Future Thule

Once & Future ThuleLike taste, there’s no accounting for myth. What stirs one man’s heart and fills his mind with dreams of glory, makes another scratch his head and think it’s boring. But when a myth takes on the same meaning for two or three souls ~ or even better, a legion ~ they share a dream that is truer than truth, and may even be able to conjure a mythic reality fit to live in. This in fact is one theory of how all higher human social formations come into being.

Be that as it may, Once and Future Thule, written in 1996, has been very gratifying for me because every so often somebody pops out of the woodwork and tells me how the story inspired them and made an imprint when they read it however many years ago. Some of them even become new friends.

The text begins:

Some of us have remembered that we came from Thule. Thule is a world of light, and its star is the Great Central Sun which shines through all the other stars in the universe, as a lamp through windows. This star pulses with the signal that causes life to arise on fertile worlds, and then shapes that life in its image. Whenever a species of creature develops in a way that it begins to acquire that image, it triggers a responding signal which is heard in Thule. Then the King of Thule calls for volunteers to go forth and travel to the new planet. Though life in Thule is endless joy, there is never a lack of adventurers eager to explore the larger Cosmos and to raise up new worlds for the greater glory of Thule.

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R. MARCUS ~ 1. Magic War


In 1994 I became convinced that the only solution for the dire state of the world was the coming of a new Avatar, a divine incarnation, a man who was more than human. I began writing a fictional account of such a spiritual & physical superman, whose name was R. Marcus. To give it maximum verisimilitude I created a fictional identity for myself as well, and told the tale as if the author, Victor Noble, had been personally involved in the adventures of his friend Marcus, and was now writing his biography. It was released as a series of booklets over the course of a year, then collected into a novel-length document. It became my most popular alt-press publication, even though nobody believed it was literally true.

In Part 1, Magic War, we learn that Marcus claims to be the rightful leader of an ancient race, the Solarians, who are the true heirs of Western Civilization. This Imperium has been infiltrated and conquered by the Ophidians, a serpent-race which rules by parasitism and deception. The magic war of the title is a confrontation pitting Marcus and his friends against a diabolic conclave of sorcerers and witches. It derives from my own experience as a practitioner of Crowleyan Thelema in a hedonistic magick-&-music scene in the 1980s. A spiritual transformation caused me to renounce the darkside and decadence, and now the Thelemites are the bad guys in the story. It features sound and vision, spells and counter-spells, and climaxes with a rip-rollickin’ fight scene.

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The Metamorph

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