I can hardly believe it’s been forty years since my first visitation by the Spirit.  I’ve gone through many spiritual adventures since then, and it’s been my pleasure and privilege to craft the numenal experiences into written artifacts, some with images appended. A few of them are in my book, Legends of the Metasphere, and lots more are on my website, Now I’d like to share my ongoing thoughts and experiences with anyone here who finds them congenial.   
For my first offering, I’ll note that spiritual experience can be exalting and humbling all at the same time. Some people never get over the exaltation, and confuse the Supernal Godself with their lowly ego. This is what happened to me after some mind-expanding events when I was young, which I’m writing about in my Autobiodyssey.
Another hazard comes with experiences of divine Oneness and unconditional love. It’s easy to project this onto the world around us and imagine a mystical communion that isn’t there. It took me a long time to learn that the real challenge is separation: to fully grasp the apartness of myself and the stark, boggling otherness of everyone else. Nothing less than this is the prerequisite for genuine love and union.
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  1. NaturalScience says:

    “The real challenge is separation not Oneness.” You hit the point. Experiencing Oneness can only be a starting-point to make it in this challenge; a look thru the keyhole to the realms of Heaven is given to us rather to make our souls kneel in order to be ready for our duties in the dust of this planet than to make us swim in the clouds all the time, feet off floor… If the latter results at first, however, material daily life comes to knock us back into our boots!
    Thanks to material Nature for doing this. Also for Mankind, not just for single persons. “The Macrobot” will be smashed by Nature – She will free us to be ourselves again, to control the technical miracles we made instead of adoring them as we do now. She has started this already.

  2. josephrex says:

    Welcome, NaturalScience. Congratulations on being the first person to post a comment to my blog. For your prize you receive. . . Nothing. Nada. Nil. And you are one of the few people who know what a jackpot this is!

    Your comments are well taken. I would add that a mind-expanding, heart-opening experience can be a light in the darkness of our days, an indelible memory to carry us through the challenges of life. Even this, however, often needs reinforcement and renewal by means of ongoing spiritual practice, especially the nitty-gritty kind that strengthens us through struggle in the face of adversity.

    I had a feeling from some of your posts on that you and I share some vital elements in our worldviews. D.H. Lawrence was one of many cultural leaders who was aghast at the mechanization of society. I recall a passage where he said something exactly similar to your remark above ~ that after a collapse, a higher mind would emerge, capable of controlling mechanism and using it for the liberation of the human spirit, rather than for its enslavement.

  3. NaturalScience says:

    this KaliYug enforces even upon the insightful and righteous of us behaviors below our level of ability and understanding… I don´t wanna do a Catholic Confession here and rather leave it to your imagination how little of what I know to be right I can realize in daily life in spite of wish and/ or even solid will to do so.
    Malevolent powers seem to be triumphant to-day and Macrobot society is their tool of control to make it seem so.
    But it is a SEEM – a SHAM triumph.
    You see Evil triumphant if you watch TV news and read newspapers and look at the world´s surface. But how would the world look if you could look at the human hearts as our Creator can? I suppose lots better. Many black fields well but interwoven with thick nerves of gold.
    Perhaps if this is so I can conclude that my personal life too is not as deficient, “adharmic”, sinful as it seems to my mortal eye.
    As to Babaji:
    I am someone who loves him but have neither a resonance to doing NamJap nor to adoring an embodied person as God Himself and I suffered much, and still do, from this queer constellation. I also hate ascesis as well as obedience. I am not an animal to be trained in a hamster-wheel of poojahs. I´d rather live in an insane asylum then.
    And to me the material world is as real as the spiritual realm, I´m not one to think Creation to be Illusion. It rather is God´s body. Thus I at least understand and practise – as imperfectly as it may seem to me, I do – life according to the Karmayoga Concept. My garden and some success as a Homeopathic author are its rewards. Google MINDMAT the author`s me.
    But I knew this concept already from Saint Benedict and Saint Francis of Assisi. Boy, how annoyed were the Haidakhandi ashramites in Rieferath at my finding many parallels between the tough old kind of Catholicism I learned when young and their doctrines and my, well, instinctually doing Babaji sadhana in a purely Catholic way. They told me more than once to let go of all those Catholic structures. I was goodwilled and also angry about Catholic lying and blackmailing and wished to get rid of Catholic recalls from my memory, so I said in my mind I wanna let them go but this changed nothing, my memory was the same and my reactions too, of course, ha ha, for how and even why let go of something which is really there as if one could magick it away thus?
    well thats enuff for today

    • josephrex says:

      Hi, NaturalScience.
      I greatly enjoyed your post. The conversation is getting into some personal areas, so I’m thinking that perhaps it would be a good idea to switch to email. Here’s my address:

      If you agree that this is preferable, just send me a brief email to let me know it’s okay, and then I’ll send my response to what you said above. If this is not your preference, then I’ll reply with another post here on the blog. Either way, I’m looking forward to more talk!

      • NaturalScience says:

        what I wrote about the Haidakhan Babaji people is OK to be read by the public, for there still is little known to the public about them except repetitions of their official doctrines and of Babaji quotations, and of course dozens of Babaji photos on the WWW; and the fact that I feel like a sinner is so banal a thing that I don´t have to hide it either.

  4. josephrex says:

    Guten Tag. The way you describe your challenges reminds me strongly of Gurdjieff’s teaching ~ perhaps you’re familiar with his work. I encountered it at a key node of my life’s trip many years ago, and have recently picked it up again, finding amazing new insights as a result of my further maturity. He emphasized how extremely difficult it is to overcome our imprinting: the rigid patterns of behavior by which we survive day-to-day, the ever-recurring emotional reactions which are mostly negative, the incessant tape-loops of thought which keep us from self-awareness. Most people totally suppress this harsh reality of their true nature, which Gurdjieff specifically referred to as *mechanicalness*. His emphatic assertion was: “Man is a machine.” The spiritual path he offered was designed to overcome our mechanicalness.

    A key principle is that once we become aware of and accept this hard truth, we can shift to an amoral view of it: it’s no more “sinful” for us to be stuck in our nasty habits than it is for a machine to do what it’s programmed to do. But of course the aim is to get down to business and master the machine. And now that we know what a huge challenge it is, we may have to take the spiritual-psychological equivalent of a doctorate in engineering. This is basically what the Gurdjieff Work is ~ a complex, multifaceted lifelong task of self-mastery.

    But I’m not recommending it, I’m just describing it because it struck me as perhaps relevant to the concerns you expressed. As for me, I don’t follow any particular path devised by other people, but I’ve studied a lot of them over the years, and practiced diverse aspects as they found resonance with whatever passages I was going through at various times. Lately it’s blossoming really well ~ I can tell, because the universe keeps throwing bigger challenges at me! One day bliss, next day scrambling to fight off the barbarians ~ that kind of thing. I think it’s a package deal.

    When I was first learning Kriya yoga, I deleted the mantras honoring Babaji; I did them in the classes I attended for a few months, but not when I did the yoga at home. This was because I did not want to get incorporated into Babaji’s mystical body. When the class was chanting the mantras, I usually got a sense of Babaji as a godlike being overshadowing the group of people. When I told this to my yoga teacher, he rejected it ~ he didn’t experience Babaji the same way. He believed literally the legend that Babaji attained physical immortality in his life 2000 years ago, and is still living in his ashram in the Himalayas. My theory is that Babaji and other highly-evolved Masters are Übermenschen, with the power to manifest physically or not, as circumstances decree or as they so will.

    I’ve been wondering for a long time about those malevolent powers who seem to dominate the world today ~ ever since I had that experience described in the Matrix-Macrobot post in my blog, which was 25 years ago. Thank God that there are also a lot of people with hearts of gold! Some of them are Übers (my short gender-neutral term for them), and this insight is what finally convinced me that evil does not have the edge and will not triumph in the end. But I’m sure there will be an endtime, to flush the filth; the Übers are not omnipotent, and I imagine they have to let the mass of humanity play out its self-destructive folly, while preventing it from destroying the planet.

  5. NaturalScience says:

    My second answering mail to yours which got to me after a couple of days came back by Mailer Daemon again. It´s no use with that address, do you have another?
    Gurdjieff — no thanks, I never read a word of him. For he was a favourite of that boasting ex-Indian acharya and devotee-exploiter, “Bhagvan” Osho, whom I never liked, and in some writing from the Osho people I found that Gurdjieff disbelieved in the possibilitiy of being liberated from suffering, he believed suffering to be an eternal thing, and such an idea can´t be good for a spiritual path – even if it is referred to the Buddah himself!
    “Man is a machine” well, he is, but only as to his present mortal incarnation. It applies to any other mortal body and any other mortal part of mind (personality) too. The soul, this pilgrim from womb to womb, takes one body-machine for its purposes and then another and then one more – till the work for which it pilgrims through those bodies has been done and it can happily go to its holiday in the Great Unity, from which it will return for another job, maybe ordered from above, maybe taken by free will, and thus it changes from holiday to a job and back again, eternally, part of the Great Plan of God Our Creator and spark from His Fire of Creativity.

    Is it possible for an individual soul, not only for God the Creator Himself – Praise to HIM / HER / IT ! – to be master-engineer of those machines?

    If yes, the original Babaji, the Kriya Yoga master, is a King of those super-souls (your “Übers”) who can do so, and Jesus was another… I think in fact that Jesus stands ABOVE all Babajis. If not, the limitations of every mortal life have a good purpose behind them even if the person who suffers them can´t understand it; but this purpose is not a justification for letting people who suffer stand alone, or for trying to “comfort” them with phrases as “God loves those who suffer, they earn a warranty for Heaven thus” which is more of a taunt than of a comfort!

    At present I think that it is better to work with the mortal properties one has for good purposes and thus to humbly make something out of nothing, as God Himself did according to Geneis Chapter 1, bowing down to the ground and kneading clay to make the first human body – than to strive directly for a betterment of the personality.

    The latter path leads to lots of distorting and crampy experiments – in worst case even to selling one´s soul entirely to some master, for example this Babaji, in the erroneous idea that one´s own personal impulses can´t be good ones at all – , while the former leaves to the person the right to be contented with herself at least for part of her life and yields progress of morality and spirituality as a by-product, without self-distorting and crampiness.

    And this applies to Mankind as well as to single persons. Mankind is going to attain Salvation, collective Buddhahood, by the work of its hands and brains, even if it will go through entirely atheistic periods in the future!

    Thus Jesus Christ the Redeemer, who shuns no one not even the worst criminal and disbeliever in God, really is the Master of History no matter how barbarian and tough its run may most of the time be; thus Karma Yoga, mastery of daily life, no matter how frustrating it may seem, really is the Supreme Yoga; and thus the young Haidakhan Babaji of 1970 – 1984, whom I see as a normal human with a pure soul and a very child-like character who was completely taken over by the Spirit of the Old Babaji, by a walk-in perhaps, called by me lovingly but a bit respectlessly the “Meisterlein” (in Latin, magistercule) – really was a king of sages.

    So now I gave one more bit of wood to your fire. Let´s blow air into it together as soon as we manage to exchange mails. Let´s use that cursed high-tech for its own end!

  6. NaturalScience says:

    I´ve read your autobiodyssey story. Whow I didn´t know there was a near declaration of war between Russia and U.S. in 1984! What an escape we all had! And whow what a dangerous phase of your life this was when you dealt with the Demons and thought you were on their side… You´ve been actually a double agent, you old ghostie guy… in fact you under-wandered the Satanistic scene, you became like them just to x-ray their structure and to go beyond them. I got the chills when reading it. As to that Guy Sid be sure he was NOT Jesus. He just was delusional – perhaps possessed, surely obsessed, I mean with the Evil Spirit of Herrschsucht (greed for power for its own sake – again the 1984 theme). And what you decided when he fought with you trying to force you into slavery (surrender) was what Orwell said inthe 1984 novel – the most important sentence in it after all, and Eternal Truth – :


    I now remember having taken that “spiritual name” I took in my twenties after recognizing the central importance of this saying.

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