Calling Down the Ram

After my awakening from the Matrix, I was not optimistic about the fate of the world. Though I continued to make personal progress on my spiritual path, I felt that humanity as a whole was sinking ever deeper into the pit of illusion, ignorance, and robotification. I came to the conclusion that the species, or at least an Elect, could only be saved by divine intervention. Of course this is exactly what Christians traditionally believe, and I felt empathy for their belief in the endtime and for their faith in deliverance by Jesus. But I was also aware of the limitations of dogma, and had knowledge of other traditions, notably the Hindu prophecies of the coming of a new Avatar, in the original meaning of a Godman like Christ. I felt that there was a basic archetypal pattern that would surely unfold around the time of the greatest collective expectation for the return of God to the world, namely the year 2000.

Then in 1999, some unexpected events validated my premonitions in a dramatic and surprising way.

In the year 1999 and seven months,

From the sky will come a great King of Terror,

He will resurrect the King of Angelmois.

Before and after, Mars rules happily.

This is the only prophecy of Nostradamus in which he gave a specific date. In case you missed it, the usual suspects were predicting a potpourri of apocalyptic events, like the outbreak of World War III and the return of such worthies as Ghengis Khan and Attila the Hun.

There was also an astrological event of major importance going on: the longest grand cross in recorded history, a direly negative configuration. I drew a connection between the two, and posted a Web essay in which I interpreted the quatrain astrologically, and theorized that perhaps Nostradamus had based it on the grand cross, simply by casting his charts ahead. Be that as it may, there was also a total eclipse of the Sun due at the end of the grand cross in August, adding another big dollop of doom. But then just over the horizon was a sign of hope: a spectacular alignment of planets in May 2000, almost exactly nine months after the eclipse. I wasn’t the only savant to note the correlation between augurs of death and deliverance with a gestation-length period in between, but as far as I know, I’m the only one who followed through with a magnum effort to consciously implement the cosmic design.

I construed the eclipse in the grand cross as a miraculous conception, happening on a cosmic scale in the metasphere ~ but there might well be an actual human child conceived at the same time on Earth. Then the birth would take place during the planetary alignment, numenally as well as physically. I couldn’t directly affect the latter, but I had some hands-on experience as a practitioner of high magic (which is called Magia), and I could use this to help midwife the Godbaby in the spiritual realm.

I publicized the project on the Web and in the alternative press with an illustrated booklet/essay titled The Avatar Working. It included a poetic mantra/chant adjuring the birth of the divine child at a key node of the alignment on May 3rd and 4th, 2000. I was gratified to learn later that a number of people in various parts of the world did in fact perform the ritual. For me, it became a climactic moment of my life.

The success of the Avatar Working hinged not simply on making it happen; the hazard of such acts of Magia is that they can bring a different or even opposite result than what is desired, and then there’s hell to pay. In this case, the zinger was in the double zodiac: the skewed system of Western astrology which places the planets in a fictional overlay of constellations which does not match what’s really in the sky at a given time, but as it was two thousand years ago. This is called the Tropical Zodiac, whereas the actual astronomical positions are shown in the Sidereal Zodiac. So it was that astrologers placed the May 2000 alignment in Taurus, when it was actually (sidereally) in Aries.

And this made all the difference: an Avataric being with all its planets in Taurus would be materialism incarnate, a standard-bearer of the status quo and champion of the New World Order ~ which is actually the Last Empire of the Kali Yuga, as shown in Hindu prophecy. Such an Avatar would also likely be female: an incarnation of Kali herself, come to rule her degenerate Yuga and prevent its overthrow by the forces heralding a New Aeon.

Surely the leader of these revolutionary forces would be a male Avatar born in the sign of Aries, a Ram of God. This name conveys his identity as the grown-up Lamb in this, his Second Coming. And it dawned on me that the very same being could also embody the endtime Avatar of the Hindus, whose name is Kalki ~ in this case the Tenth Coming of the Supreme God Vishnu. And perhaps the Imam Mahdi of the Muslims as well, and Buddha Maitreya. A redeeming feature of postmodern times is that we can see the underlying unity beneath the surface of sectarian beliefs.

The arrival of the Ram catalyzed many astonishing transformations, mainly within myself, though a number of other intrepid souls got involved in the grand experiment to call down a new infusion of deity into the human world. In the last couple of years I’ve been focusing less on the possibilities of a physical incarnation, and more on the immediate effect of the new spirit upon the lives and the souls of people right now. The ultimate outcome is still unknown, as events continue to foliate. For a progress report, you can visit

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2 Responses to Calling Down the Ram

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  2. Ryan Betts says:

    Ur prediction of the supernal one being born the son of a man is dead on…….but your dates are off by a few years it’s 2012 the child was born up the milkyway Galaxy alignment with the sun. He is Libra 7 the scales have been passed down his mother is Virgo6 and father Ares1 equals 7.Eros the light of world.. ascended spirit of the supernal being. He will be alpha and omega. He will be both the love of god and a warrior for his chosen. His name is ARYAN MICHAEL…THE WARRIOR PRINCE.. BORN 10-11-12 HIS INITIALS. ARE A.M.B.
    A1 M13 B2. 10 3 1s 2. 1+1+3+2=7. 1132 divided by 7 is 1615 micro golden ratio.
    M. R
    J. T
    LAM B. She is ying Mjl he is yang RTB Eros or the supernal spirits name is archangel Michael or Aryan Michael,ascended Master aka MJ(LAMB)TR …..THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD THE BEST PART OF ARES AND VIRGO IS LIBRA EROS. ALPHA AND OMEGA OR YIN AND YANG ALWAYS COME TOGETHER TO MAKE THE LOVE OF GOD.ALPHA AND OMEGA SYMBOLOGY IS TWO TRIANGLES SET ATOP EACH OTHER OR THE MERKABA..IN THE CENTER IS THE HEXGONAL SHAPE OF AN ATOM,WHICH IS GOD,MACRO AND MICRO.ALPHA INFINITE OMEGA ….. PRAYS THE SUPERNAL SPIRIT HAS INDEED ASCEND BORN THE SON OF A MAN TO A WARRIOR of ARYAN BLOOD. Aryan Michael means the noble warrior prince. Ares 1the Aryans warrior and beginning Virgo 6 gaia Eros 7 god of love aka Jesus last supernal (son) of god. THE SUPERNAL SPIRIT HAS RETURNED as both first and last, warrior prince and light of universe born the 7th sign the scales and the last 7 of the Trinity. His birth name he choose himself….(Aryan Michael)

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