Love in Its Manifold Forms

If anyone wishes to emerge from the endgame on the side of the light, and even to contribute to the new dawn, they’d be wise to cultivate a taste for the higher forms of love. At the pinnacle is divine love, that of God or Supernal Spirit for the whole of creation: unconditional, infinitely compassionate, all-encompassing. People who are blessed enough to be the recipients of such love are usually content to bask in its radiance; their main task is to remain in a state of grace so that it continues. But a higher attainment is possible, and takes more effort: to become a source of such love yourself, and radiate it unto others. In the Christian mysteries this is called Caritas, in the East Anahata.

When divine love is shared by two or more people, it becomes a special kind of love in its own right, called Agape in the West and Bhakti in the East. Its most popular form is religious devotion, and the feeling of spiritual kinship among those who experience this love in the same body of worshippers/believers/devotees.

Descending deeper into the human condition, we find the love generated by the bond of blood, physical kinship. This can manifest on any scale from a nuclear family through an extended clan or tribe, all the way to an entire race. The names for it are almost as many as the number of languages in the world, but a traditonal term for it in the West is Philia. Taking it in its broadest sense, we can also call it racial love.

This brings us to Eros: sexual love. In its most exalted form, it can momentarily transmute the copulants into the God and Goddess who created the universe in the original act of passion. But it was exactly at that very first moment of time that the inherent hazard of sex was unveiled, for cosmogenesis itself was the fall into matter, maya, darkness, karma, and illusion. Thus the natural tendency of sex is downward, just as entropy governs the natural cosmos, and every birth is the beginning of an inexorable vector to death. The only way to break out of this fatal downward slide is to reorient upwards to Spirit. Erotic relationships in this upshifted mode can be called Dharmalove.

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