Sex and the Spirit

Sex is the most primal act, but it’s the key to love, which is the heart of spiritual practice. At the same time, unrestrained indulgence in sex is a major factor in the degeneration of humanity in postmodern times. Not surprisingly, the keynote of this trend is the separation of sex from love; and in fact it’s escalated into the outright rejection of love by many people in favor of strictly physical promiscuous sex.

Today’s hypersexed hedonism is a pendulum-swing reaction from the previous long period when sexuality was repressed. It wasn’t true for everybody, of course, and Eros flowered as it always will, even if the shoots and tendrils have to worm their way through fissures, and crack open the wall as they expand. Nevertheless, the general cultural tendency for centuries was sexual repression.

The upside of this phenomenon was sublimation: sexual energy was channeled into other pursuits, like art, science, industry, and all the other activities that drove Western civilization to the heights of its glory. Now that most of this energy is being desublimated into sex, it’s no surprise that the same civilization, now in global format, is in total freefall on all fronts, and may hit apocalyptic velocity at any moment.

The only forces out there trying to reverse the flow have been the same old legions of reactionaries, desperately attempting to stuff the raging mass of libido back into the box of repression. Pandora could tell them it’ll never work.

So the challenge is how to regain control of sex in order to restore love and all the higher social functions, but without reverting back to repression. Our special dharma for this purpose is called non-repressive resublimation. There’s a whole range of practice, but the basic principle is very simple: moderation and restraint enhance the intensity and the quality of stimulation, whether it’s food & drink, psychoactive substances, or sex. And beyond the immediate positive benefits to the individual, our dharma focuses on improving the quality of relationships, and even the quality of the community in which those relationships take place.

The power that makes it all possible is the same potency that created the universe: love. This ultimate force is one in essence, but assumes many forms: the pure divine love of Spirit/God, the love of spiritual and physical families, and passionate sexual love. All of these forms can serve the Spirit, and hence we can speak of them all as Dharmalove. However, because sex is the defining feature of life for so many people today, and may hold the key to doom or deliverance for them and for the world itself, we adopt a special usage for the term “Dharmalove” as high erotic communion. Or in other words: spiritual sex, with love as the key ingredient.

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