RamaSpirit is a grand experiment: can human beings take the initiative in calling forth divine intervention? Can we summon into the world a new manifestation of Spirit on a scale that illuminates many souls? And is it possible to chart in advance the arrival of a Savior/Redeemer/ Avatar, or even more than one?

No matter what may happen in the future, though, the proof of the pudding is in the Now. To realize the divine presence as RamaSpirit is a life-changing experience. Only a few have attained it to date, which is always the case with new manifestations of Spirit. There are certain conditions which predispose individuals to attune themselves with RamaSpirit, and certain realities which limit the pool of people who can potentially connect.

The first principle that frames our worldview is what we might call spiritual supremacy. The long age of materialist scientism is grinding to its inevitable downfall, and Spirit will ascend again to its rightful place in the human soul. This will give rise to a new, true metascience which recognizes that Spirit is hardcore reality and matter its pale reflection, that the object derives from the subject, that essence precedes existence, and that the body is in the mind, not the mind in the body.

The second necessity for aligning with RamaSpirit is a critical attitude toward the nature of life in the postmodern hi-tech Matrix. Our long-term aim is to separate from it completely. Meanwhile, we take measures to shield ourselves from the most toxic effects, and to deprogram ourselves step by step, pulling the plugs one at a time from our bodies and souls.

The third dharma follows naturally from the second: if we escape from the Matrix, we have to be ready to live in the Real World. Spirit must root itself in the Earth in order to manifest as a truly human community and resonate in the lives of the people. We have to cast off the artificial trappings that turn people into humatons, the degenerate robotic zombies who populate the Matrix. And we’re going further than back to the land: we want to get back in touch with our primal nature. A Spirit-primal fusion will create a ground of being for a new way of life.

The fourth objective is to elevate sexuality out of the muck of postmodern promiscuity without getting sucked back into the swamp of sexual repression. This is only possible in a close-knit community of people who are regenerating their primal nature while devoting themselves to the Spirit. From this potent alchemy the fire of Eros will rise to a plateau beyond anything known in the past.

Our fifth principle is racial affirmation. Every race has its own dharma, and the larger dharma of the human species needs the special, distinct essences of the separate races that comprise it. These are lost in the melting-pot Matrix, causing everyone to become less human. We hope that our message inspires people of every race and persuasion; nevertheless, RamaSpirit is the reborn essence of the white race. Our racial dharma is therefore unto Thule, the white spiritual homeland.

The sixth insight is that the human species has genetically deteriorated over the past centuries as a result of industrialization, pollution, and the devolutionary lifestyle. This means that all people alive today, especially in the postmodernized parts of the world, are biologically inferior to their premodern ancestors. Individuals are no longer able to live up to their full human potential because they are members of a gene pool that has declined. This harsh reality has an immense impact on the daily lives and spiritual practice of people who recognize it and wish to begin to reverse the trend.

The seventh basic reality we recognize is the natural order. Reality is not a democracy, but an organic hierarchy in which different qualities manifest in different degrees among individual people and groups. Some of this differential is inborn and some of it is developed, but the fact is that it’s there, and always will be. The best aim of a community and a society is not to try to make everyone equal, but to increase the proportion of superior individuals and to support their natural inclinations toward compassionate responsibility and enlightened leadership.

This manifesto summarizes the Seven Core Dharmas of RamaSpirit. They involve a lot of complex issues, many of which are contentious in today’s world, and are sure to raise a lot of further questions. Nevertheless, if you feel an accord with the basic dharma, and there are no areas of explicit antithesis, please feel free to get in touch:



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