The Double Gyre

My ideas about a six-dimensional continuum of infinite parallel worlds continued to evolve after writing The Cosmic Apple, and ten years later I wrote a fictional story with an updated version, titled The Wedding of Star and Shadow.  Instead of an apple, the longitude and latitude of time were now configured on a slightly more complex glyph, a double gyre:

Double Gyre

The geometry was partly inspired by W.B. Yeats’ A Vision, which contains a similar glyph transmitted from spirits through the automatic writing of his wife Georgie. The intricate permutations of the nodes of Yeats’ gyre produced a comprehensive commentary on all aspects of human nature and the ever-recurring cycles of time. My fictional effort was less encyclopedic but more dramatic: the protagonist Victor gets murdered, and in an after-death experience he ascends through the planetary spheres, travels to the end of the universe, and attains the ultimate spiritual enlightenment. This gives him power to traverse the parallel worlds at will, and even to alter them in significant ways. Perhaps he can even return from the dead. . . .

Double Gyre 1

A year or so earlier I wrote a story called ChristFührer, featuring another variation of the gyre and giving more details on how it could be used to change past, present, and future. One of the lead characters is Adolf Hitler in the afterlife, where he creates an alternate reality in which the Third Reich develops the A-bomb in 1944, and is on the verge of conquering the world.

Double Gyre 2

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