(In)Credible Journeys 3

Instant recap: Robert Monroe made a brave effort to apply the scientific method to his journeys out of the body, and achieved verification of many of his visits to friends & relatives in Locale I, the first layer of supraphysical reality.  Then he discovered Locale II, a much vaster region that lay beyond the laws of physics and the faculties of embodied beings.


3. Far Journeys

In Journeys Out of the Body, published in 1971, Monroe told how his search for answers about OOBE led him out of mainstream circles and into what he called “the Underground”.  After some elliptical descriptions of the kind of people he met there and what their interests were, we see that he was referring to a subculture that did not have a distinct popular designation in that era of the 1950s and early ’60s, but was sometimes called mystic-occult. He didn’t name any names, but his general remarks show a kind of affectionately critical attitude toward the denizens of the “Underground”: he respected many of the individuals for their contributions to this field on the fringes of human knowledge, but collectively he regarded them as lacking sufficient intelligence, higher education, and scientific discipline to navigate and map the undiscovered countries in a truly effective way. And so he set out to the job himself.

His second book, Far Journeys, tells how he used his considerable economic and technical resources, and his expanding influence among highly-placed professionals, to establish the Monroe Institute in a scenic area of Virginia. It had many of the accoutrements of a sleep laboratory, like equipment to monitor the vital functions of people while they lay on cots in semi-isolated chambers; but here the self-selected subjects of the experiments did their best to stay awake, to move into altered states of consciousness, and ultimately to move out of their physical bodies.

The Monroe Institute opened in 1971, right at that magical cusp when the wave of acid graduates from the ’60s were swelling the ranks of the mystic-occult scene, upgrading it to a New Age ~ and the Institute itself was a major catalyst of the transmutation.

Monroe writes in a somewhat different style in this book, reflecting the change in his social paradigm and his experiences in the far reaches of Locale II. The scientific nexus is still there, but has softened to an undertone. He and his colleagues and fellow voyagers had acquired conclusive empirical knowledge of the reality of the soul, life after death, reincarnation, and a spectacular array of disincarnate beings ~ but they were sophisticated enough to know that the scientific establishment would scorn their findings and reject their discoveries. So Monroe felt free to resort to a mythic-symbolic method of prosody to convey to the reader a sense of the vital essence of adventures which he emphasized were utterly beyond the bounds of language to describe in a straightforward way.

In the immaterial rings surrounding the physical Earth Monroe encountered many beings who were comfortably human, including deceased friends and relatives. Others had distinctly alien characteristics, though he was disappointed in his hope of meeting extraterrestrials who literally hailed from physical planets in other star systems. Instead, the non-human and superhuman intelligences he met seemed to be visitors from a boundless array of worlds that only partially overlapped with hard matter, if at all. Nevertheless, he described all the strange creatures, and the mind-bending realities in general, in a style of casual familiarity which intentionally avoided any terminology that could be used to deify them or to dogmatize his reports. It makes for such easy, compelling reading that we often don’t grasp the bombshell revelations except on further reflection.

Chapter 4: An Encounter with the Creator

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  1. Visionary dream: I walked into a giant pneumatic tube and was sucked upwards into a bluish, opalescent light. The events leading up to the encounter with the pneumatic tube are fuzzy. I remember thinking it was an alien artifact of some kind. This tube must have been a portal. Also, it seems likely that the pneumatic tube was a visionary manifestation of the yogic sushumna.

    The Cosmic Apple reminds me of the toroidal electromagnetic field that envelops the planet. Here is a decent digital rendering of it:

  2. josephrex says:

    At the top of the Shushumna is the Coronasphere, Satchitananda, the bliss absolute. Did you wake up before you spurted out the top? Any other kinds of sensations connected with the opalescent light?

    So far, this has been your best description of a high numenal experience by you:

    “I remember feeling an omniscient sun above my head, and I remember being propelled into this sun at a high velocity. The experience went black after this. The feeling of aloneness/oneness has happened while in the body. Everything is blissful. Creations is in awe of itself, and the little me is in the flow of this incomparable awe.”

    I also mentioned this a moment ago in a comment to your blog. BTW, perhaps you noticed that I added you to my blogroll. I was going to suggest you do likewise for mine, but it looks like you don’t have a blogroll. But if you decide to create one, I’d be honored to be on it.

    Are you aware that WordPress has a gadget whereby all your blog posts will automatically link-post to your Facebook page?

    Toroidal electromagnetic field. The human aura is also like that. But are you sure you pasted in the right link? That was a cool video of Mandalrobatics, but it doesn’t look like what I imagined from what you said.

    • I woke up I believe. I didn’t think I would move up the pneumatic tube so quickly, and I most certainly didn’t think the tube was some sort of mystical transportation device.

      Rudolph Otto talked about the “mysterium tremendum,” the awe-inspiring, shaken-to-the-core feeling one gets when these experiences happen. I would say the opalescent light brought on that type of feeling. The ego loathes being “blown-out” in these experiences while the subtle body is magnetically drawn to the higher and more expansive.

      Would you say Satchitananda is an experience of the absolute that differs from moksha (freedom in the vastness)? Do the sat (being), chit (consciousness) and ananda (bliss) coalesce completely in this experience, or do they merely have a conversation with one another?

      I shall most definitely add you to the blog roll.

      Wasn’t aware of the gadget. I don’t know if I want all my friends reading about my philosophies, though.

      Here’s the right link for the toroidal electromagnetic field.

      And another one:

      • josephrex says:

        “Awe-inspiring, shaken-to-the-core feeling”: proof of a true numenal experience! Even if ya did need an artificial boost to get there.

        Ego wants down whilst subtle body is drawn up: you have laid your finger on a core dynamic of the cosmos. The Hindus call it Sattva and Tamas. These eternal opposite impulses to ascent & descent generate Rajas: the ever-recycling manifest realm, aka Samsara.

        For decades I’ve struggled to satisfy a driven inner urge to map this cosmic process, and the whole multiverse that spawns from it. Your next question motivated me to finally finish the 1.0 version, which is now online, though the page is a tad rudimentary:

        Ominicosm: http://www.ramaspirit.com/Omnicosm.html

        Now that this graphic is up, I’ll be able to publish the text of a longer opus, titled Überstory, which has already progressed a ways. Subtitle: An Occult Chronicle of the Cosmos and Humanity. You can see that it’s fairly ambitious. The first couple of chapters contain the gist of the answer to your question, so refer to the Omnicosm as I quote:

        *Some people who attain a high degree of enlightenment tell us that the ultimate reality is nothing ~ a kind of blissful non-being, Nirvana. Others say that this big blankness is merely a door or barrier to an incredible realm beyond: a stateless state, an implacable place, of infinite magnitude and absolute perfection. This is the unthinkable, unspeakable Thing-In-Itself which is designated by the ineffable mantra OM. Within this OM is All and Everything, seamlessly conjoined with the Nil and Nothing ~ so Nirvana is only the next-to-last stop before OM.
        *The first breath of OM was the first chord of the cosmic overture, and the first breach in its perfection. There was a pause of a single heartbeat between is and is not, a hairsbreadth fissure into two constituents: Nothingness, and a vast Godlike consciousness experiencing it in timeless bliss. The divine awareness can be called Spirit. It’s the All-One, the entire cosmos as a singular homogeneous entity. This realm has been called the Crown of Creation, and for good reason: it’s the Crown Chakra of the cosmic Godbody. Our formal name for it is the Coronasphere.
        *Now in this penultimate sphere we come again to Nirvana, the Buddhist term for the glorious Nothingness. But a Hindu conception is more precise: the term Satchitananda distinguishes three aspects of the Coronasphere: Sat is the Nihil, Chit is the Spirit-consciousness, and Ananda is the bliss generated by the interface of these two aspects. The concept is anthropomorphized as Shiva and Shakti, the supreme God and Goddess, conjoined in an eternal loving embrace. In Taoism it’s symbolized more abstractly as the Tai Chi, showing Yang and Yin spinning around each other forever.*

        End quote. If moksha is “freedom in the vastness”, then I’d construe that as OM, thus answering your question of its relation to Satchitananda. The interrelation of the three elements becomes more of a conversation in the next lesser sphere, Ajna. But the explication will have to wait till a further spin (literal meaning of *Samsara* ~ it revolves).

        Looks like the right link but the wrong toroids. I don’t see the functionality of those donuts at all, and doubt that there’s anything really like that. All qualified viewers agree that the aura is egg-shaped, so the torus is just that there’s that fontenelle for the juice coming out the top, then down around into another small aperture at the bottom. I couldn’t find an exact depiction online, but this page has a couple of variations that come close, about a third of the way down:


  3. janey27 says:

    This is the one of his books I didn’t read unfortunately..I will get around to it I’m sure. Thanks for the reply on my blog. Iv’e heard of people speak of this experience of meeting non-humans and the feeling of being a lesser intelligence has been described as maybe how a dog feels around us humans! Hard to imagine..I certainly feel like a very low form of intelligence in a lot of my experiences and certainly feel that as physical humans we are right at the bottom of the class.. still wearing nappies and dunce hats 🙂

    About our hell debate ; Your’e right. And a good amount of synchronicity on reading your comment ! ” even if you have completely liberated yourself from self-judgement and all similar negative baggage, it’s still possible for you to run into hellaceous challenges presented by others ” The last few days of my physical life has been pretty crap, and unlike at most other bad times, I honestly can’t fault myself for the way things have gone this time. Somebody else put me through THEIR Hell..simple as that. However, I know that my bad feelings will be dissolved and healed over the next few days with light of consciousness, and that it hasn’t killed me. Also when I remember to remind myself that its all a dream, and none of its real, I’m free from the pain.

    Iv’e only ever been in real trouble once whilst out of body, and all I had to do was come back to body to get away. (I don’t know what happened to my energy body after I brought my awareness back here though!, I could have been chopped into pieces for all I know!)
    That’s my take on it, that none of this bad stuff has ever actually killed me or permanently damaged my spirit. No matter how many knocks I get, I still come back bouncing if I tune into the source…so far !

    • josephrex says:

      Hi, Janey. In my research I’ve found a whole spectrum of human encounters with Überterrestrials (a term inclusive of spiritual & metaphysical as well as extraplanetary beings). Many alien abduction accounts detail worst-case scenarios in which the godlike entities actually do treat the humans like dogs, lab-rats, or breeding stock ~ and in some cases the hapless sapiens still revere and worship those who use them so. But there’s another class of experience ~ and of Übers ~ in which the humans feel their littleness in the sense of encountering a vast benevolent reality with beings who care about or at least have compassion for them.

      In the above post, the INSPECS told Monroe that they did not create the Earth and humanity; in a later sequence, he expressed a desire to encounter the being who did. They said that he wasn’t ready for that, but agreed to take him to the vestibule of the realm where this being dwelled. As it turned out, even a glimpse from a distance, heavily shielded by the INSPECS, almost blew him away. He was convulsed by “great racking sobs” and felt like he was melting. They told him to focus on the center of the shield rather than the actual radiance visible around the rim; he did, and was then able to get himself somewhat under control, though he had to work continuously to keep the floodtide of emotion below the threshold, the feelings of rapturous wonder, joy, awe, and reverence. He perceived the source of this glory at first in the form of a “tall humanoid standing with its arms outstretched in front, palms upward”; then its shape resolved into a shining globe.

      He began thinking that this must surely be “the ultimate heaven, the final home” ~ but the INSPECS then unveiled a deeper view. Behind, above, or beyond the globe, and encompassing it, was a larger one of similar appearance and even more brilliant radiance. Then he saw another still greater sphere beyond it, and another and another….

      Pretty mind-blowing, right? Yet this is the very reality I’m endeavoring to chart in my OMNICOSM, described in my comment above to alchemicalnexus, &/or viewable right here: http://www.ramaspirit.com/Omnicosm.html

      With encouragement from the INSPECS, Monroe stuck out an astral finger from behind the shield and got the tiniest little zinger of direct radiance from the sphere. It knocked him for a loop, but it was a supreme spiritual experience which transformed his life ever after.

      More on Überterrestrials: http://www.ramaspirit.com/Uberterrestrials.html

    • josephrex says:

      Janey, I hope your life has gotten back on an even keel in the last few days. Sorry to hear about the crappy scraps & stuff (in American, a “scrap” can be a conflict), but then the way you described your uptake on it was positively inspiring! With conscious proactive affirmation like this, you can’t go wrong.

      Of course there’s always another layer. Once the dust settles, you might catch a glimpse of the still higher scope, approaching Bodhisattva attitude, where you take total responsibility for everything that happens around you, for better or for worse. Not an easy row to hoe, nor cross to bear….

      It’s nice to hear about that synchronicity betwixt us. Always a good sign, even in a challenging situation ~ or perhaps especially so.

      Yes, zipping back into the body seems to be the sure-fire way to get out of astral jams. It’s interesting that you have the impression that something could still happen to your subtle body after returned, as if it had a separate existence. And in fact one source claims that this is the case: Robert Bruce, who I mentioned before. In his book *Astral Dynamics* he goes into great depth about how he discovered that a copy of the subtle/energy/astral body is actually projected in every OOBE, while the original stays with the body.

      There’s a lot more in *Far Journeys* that speaks to the idea of possible hells or karmic cul-de-sacs that amount to the same thing. I’d like to say more about this, but will have to tend to some other writing tasks over the next few days. Meanwhile, free to comment on my comments!

      Astral Dynamics: Amazon page with useful reviews & chapter titles: http://www.amazon.com/Astral-Dynamics-Out—Body-Experiences/dp/1571746161/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1362206880&sr=1-1&keywords=Astral+Dynamics

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