Omnicosm ~ A New Model of the Multiverse


Most of the unexplained mysteries of postmodern times are easily solved by access to knowledge excluded by the worldview of scientific materialism. The modern age that spawned this worldview lasted for five hundred years, and from it we’ve inherited a model of the universe that features a gargantuan map of planets, stars, galaxies, and superclusters in a cosmos of mind-bending proportions. But what if even this vast macrocosm is a mere blip in the slipstream of all that is, was, and ever can be?

The postmodern era began with a resurgence of visionary experience among legions of people. It truly cracked open the cosmic egg, for such people can no longer settle for the hard-boiled conclusions of a paradigm that rigidly separates the realm of physical objects from the human subjects who perceive them. Quantum theorists spin out models of a multidimensional cosmos, but not one of them has a word to say about how it impacts the lives of real people living in it ~ especially those who have found themselves in places way beyond the confines of three or even four dimensions. Furthermore, all such models to date are strictly hypothetical, and the whole field is a piecemeal hodge-podge.

By contrast, the complete hyperdimensional continuum was thoroughly mapped in many past cultures, and some of these sophisticated models of the universe are still extant in living traditions. The modern mind devalued them as “not scientific”, but postmodern mind expansion discovered that they filled some of the gaping holes in the newer version. They include vast tracts of territory that are not found on the modern map, but often match with astonishing precision the exotic locales reported by postmodern explorers and pioneers.

A remaining barrier to a truly integrated and comprehensive model is the dualistic tendency to construe these regions as “not physical”, and therefore less real than the bricks-and-mortar matter of mainstream science. This distinction never arose in the old traditions because they were not dualistic; they discerned all of existence as a spectrum of densities, a true continuum. If something is not visible to the naked eye of the average person in an ordinary state of consciousness, it may well be comprised of a finer density of matter which can be plainly seen by a person of above-average discernment, or in a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

The Omnicosm is a provisional model of the cosmos in all of its polymorphous multiplicity. It seeks to meld the most vital features of the traditional systems with data gleaned from a wide selection of postmodern reports of experiences, encounters, and journeys into uncharted realms. A few of the pathfinders have already drafted some maps, and features of these have been included in ours as noted, with credit always given as deserved. If you, too, have been there and back, or have relevant information to contribute, please feel free to give feedback on this work in progress.

I’ll describe the spheres and their inhabitants in future posts, but more information is available now on the Omnicosm webpage.

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