White Enlightenment

White Spirit Enlightenment: realization that you and all sentient beings are embodiments of Spirit. From this recognition there arises an unconditional love and compassion for all. This is called Caritas, the highest form of love. Race: a physical-genetic reality which unites people by the bond of blood. A tightly-knit racial group shares the love of family among all its members; this is called Philia, the deepest form of love. It is dualistic and exclusive, fueled by enmity for people outside the racial/familial group. Such feelings quickly escalate to hatred and violence toward outsiders who threaten the lives and welfare of those who are loved. White Enlightenment: recognition that Caritas does not exclude Philia, that in fact these two poles of love are properly complements. Enlightened white individuals have philial feelings exclusively for their racial kindred, and this does not diminish their Caritas for all humanity. Their compassion will naturally temper their attitude and relations with people of other races, and may elevate them above hatred completely. This, however, will not remove them from the field of mortal conflict, when such is demanded by Spirit.


Enlightenment is an awakening to Spirit, and to the reality of the spiritual realm. It’s not an all-at-once experience, but a process of spiritual development that properly lasts a lifetime. It’s not just a mental phenomenon, but a transformation of the total being of an individual, which dramatically changes his or her relationship to the universe and to other people. No matter how transcendent enlightenment may be for an individual, it always happens in the context of a society and its culture. Postmodern society is a bewildering matrix for enlightenment. People have access to all the spiritual lore that was ever compiled in all traditions and religions, as well as recourse to any number of gurus, teachers, and pandits. On the other hand, the culture is at a dire stage of degeneration and alienation, and the tech-enhanced lifestyle is the most unnatural and spiritually debased that has ever existed in the history of the world. These extremes of high enlightenment proliferating among individuals in a collective lowland of vice and avidya (spiritual ignorance) show that something is seriously amiss. In all traditional teachings, there is in fact a vital middle ground between the Spirit and the material world, and that is the Soul. The individual is comprised of body, soul, and spirit ~ and so is the collective. Spirit is transcendent unity where all are One. Physical existence is multiplicity, where all are separate. Soul is the vast expanse of overlap, where things and beings are partly unified and partly separate, where unique individuals can be parts of a greater whole. And now we know what’s missing from the hard-wired global village of postmodern times: it’s a world without a soul.


White Frontier

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