(In)Credible Journeys: Part II, Chapter 1

Time Loop

Instant recap: Robert Monroe mastered the challenge of spontaneous out-of-body experience, and became a pioneer in the field, developing tech-enhanced techniques for other people to learn OOBE and related skills.  He made contact with Überhuman discarnate beings whom he learned had been helping him along in his efforts, and even granted his request for a brief but life-changing encounter with the Creator of life on Earth.


1. Time Will Tell

Monroe’s far journeys led him to see the inadequacy of his earlier concept of “Locale II“, a name he coined when he had first broken through into this deeper layer of the metasphere. Now he had learned that there was layer upon layer, a series of concentric “rings” (actually spheres) of enormous size and complexity. The dense inner rings closest to the physical surface of the Earth were filled with the souls of humans who had gotten stuck in the lusts of material life and become so attached to vices, fears, and ego-identities that that they could not move on and find an upward path to the higher spiritual realms of the outer rings. Most of them were eventually sucked kicking and screaming back into incarnation, and thus the thrust of their long sojourns was ever deeper and denser as their nature degenerated.

One night Monroe was floating just beyond the cusp of the inner rings, observing the tragic spectacle of the lost souls, distressed by what it revealed about the human condition. It seemed like it was “not even a good simulation of hell” in the dramatic biblical sense; rather, these people were damned by their own dim awareness, their sluggish entanglement in their own desires and ignorance. He was thinking, “If only there were some way to wake all of them up at once…”, when suddenly: “Somebody grabbed me!”

After the moment of panicked surprise, Monroe calmed himself and faced the entity, who turned out to be a non-human being. It was not hostile, but had mistaken the out-of-body form of Monroe for another being whom it knew well and was searching for. Monroe took a chance and opened himself to the entity, and was rewarded with a more incredible story than any we’ve considered so far. Resorting to a science-fictional style to convey realities totally alien to terrestrial existence, he tells us that the two beings, called simply ‘AA’ and ‘BB’, came to Earth on a guided tour of the “time-space illusion” (TSI). This implies that they were from a place where the illusion did not prevail, and they found the spectacle of the multitude of humans embedded in it extremely strange indeed. BB, the being Monroe encountered, found it utterly revolting and could hardly wait to leave; but his friend AA was fascinated by it, and elected to stay when the tour departed.

There was an entry station manned by a soul who had undergone the human experience through many lifetimes, and evidently graduated from it. After meeting a number of beings who were also bound for their first venture into a human body, AA was given a protocol which described Earth life as a school for compressed learning. He had to agree that time, space, and the material universe exist for the duration of his human sojourn, and that he would totally forget his identity and all “pre-entry activity”. There was a warning that the human experience could be harmful and addictive. AA signed the agreement, leapt through a portal, and found himself in a distressing, constricted, and painful situation: a womb. He was born as a boy in a New York tenement, perhaps in the early 20th century.

After his death at age 45, AA reconnected with BB in the entry station, where no time had passed since it was outside the TSI. BB was relieved that now they could go home, but AA wanted to go back and be human again. BB said, “Oh no, you’re getting hooked!”, but he couldn’t dissuade his friend from plunging back in. Here the tale was interrupted as Monroe had to break away from BB to return to his body, which was being roused from sleep by the barking of his dog.

In his next OOBE, Monroe was met by the INSPECs. They told him that they had assisted in his meeting with BB, whom they described as “lost”, and said that it was important for Monroe to help him. Monroe wasn’t sure how he could help or why it was important. They replied: “Important to you”, and added cryptically: “Time will tell.”

Part II, Chapter 2: Life and Death All Over Again

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