(In)Credible Journeys: Part II, Chapter 5

Instant recap: Robert Monroe has been guiding his non-human friend ‘BB’ on a tour of human life and afterlife.  In the last chapter they explored the inner rings: the supra-physical spheres closest to Earth and its incarnate inhabitants.  The lowest rings were filled with confused and suffering souls, many of them trapped in cul-de-sacs they had unwittingly woven in life.  In the farthest of these rings, by contrast, ‘RAM’ introduced BB to his friend Charlie, who was obviously an advanced soul living happily in a beautiful realm he had created himself by the power of thought.

5. Rings, Spheres, Dimensions

The territory charted by Monroe in his description of the rings corresponds very closely to the maps of reality crafted in most of the traditional systems of metascience.  The Western versions were discredited by the modern culture of material science, and Monroe encountered them under the rubric of the occult; in his first book he referred to this subculture as “the underground”.  He was critical of many aspects of it and didn’t like the terminology at all, and in his own writing he strove for informal nomenclature which could not be used to dogmatize nor carve in stone any of his findings.  Only time will tell how well he succeeded, but meanwhile here is a chart by another OOB pathfinder, Jurgen Ziewe, which beautifully encapsulates many of the essentials (I added the figure ascending through the spheres):


Diagram of consciousness and corresponding dimensions

You can see by the captions on the diagram that most of Jurgen’s “dimensions” are exact ringers (pardon the pun) for the regions described by Monroe. The transition between the inner and outer rings most likely corresponds to the dark blue arc in the diagram, between what Jurgen calls the “Mental thought worlds – lower heavens” and the “Higher mental / transcended thought worlds – higher heavens”. A possible difference is that Monroe encountered a distinct “null point” between these two great spheres. Also, he specified that all the inner spheres had a spectrum of overlap with the time-space illusion (TSI), whereas the outer spheres did not ~ they were strictly non-physical reality (NPR).

RAM took BB past the null point and “landed” at a random spot just to give him a taste of the zone and its inhabitants. They found themselves in an earthlike terrain studded with buildings of many different shapes and styles ~ except that they were all churches. A woman came out of one of them, and Monroe spoke with her. As with Bill, she could hear but not see BB, and she conflated the two voices as both coming from Monroe. She thought that he was a newly-deceased soul who had belonged to her particular faith, and that this had drawn him to this church. She wanted to send him to the “welcoming committee”, and was nonplussed when he insisted that he was just passing through. For BB’s edification, Monroe began playing the role that was evidently expected of him: he said to the woman, “You mean this isn’t heaven?” Sure enough, this turned out to be the reaction of most souls who arrived here, and the woman said that they were “only at the gates of heaven”.

There followed a fascinating dialogue which revealed how the realities of life in the metasphere do not match the literal beliefs and expectations of religious people, and Christians in particular, and how this is dealt with. We get the impression that the church’s minister knew what was going on and gently shepherded his flock toward a gradual broadening of their perspective. When souls progressed they could move on by passing a rite in which the minister revealed secrets to them; then they dramatically walked out of the church and never returned. Those left behind didn’t know where they had gone, but the most popular assumption was heaven. Given what the reader already knows, more likely destinations were reincarnation into a new life on earth or ascension into the outermost rings.

This was also the next stop on the tour. As they left “Churchland”, BB said: “Hey, RAM, we going to heaven now?” Monroe laughed and said that he probably couldn’t get into heaven even if he wanted to.

Part II, Chapter 6: How to Score Big in the Game of Life

Note: At the end of each chapter/post of (In)Credible Journeys there’s a link to the next one, so you can click here for the first post and read the whole story in chronological order.

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