(In)Credible Journeys: Part II, Chapter 6

Instant recap: Robert Monroe (aka RAM) led his other-worldly friend BB through the dense inner rings of the metasphere that surrounds Earth. Then they passed the null-point to the farther reaches of the intermediate rings, where they found that in later stages after death people congregated according to the religious beliefs they had held in life. Sometimes individuals graduated from the congregation and disappeared into parts unknown.

6. How to Score Big in the Game of Life

For the last stop in the tour of the human condition, RAM took BB all the way to the outermost ring, where dwelt the highest souls in the local metasphere.  Some of them were “post-graduates” preparing to move on to a superhuman life elsewhere, or “last-timers” who would incarnate for a final life to complete their earthly work.  Monroe referred to them as teachers, helpers, and guides, and described them as luminous shapes only slightly humanoid.  There was one such being whom he had encountered in a previous trip, and who now came to greet them.  In keeping with his down-home approach to exalted entities, Monroe referred to him as  “Bill”.


Lightbeing: clearskiesbluewater.wordpress.com

Bill the Ascended Master knew all about BB as well as RAM’s entire adventure, causing him to wonder if it had all been “neatly planned from the beginning”. Bill asked BB for his impressions of the human experience based on what he had learned on the tour. BB hesitated because he felt very confused about it, but then replied: “It’s the wildest bunch of games inside of games, with rules on top of rules that get so mixed up you don’t have any idea at all of which game you’re playing. Then the humans get so busy playing so many games they forget that it is a game ~ they even forget why they’re playing it and how they got in it to start.”

Bill found this to be an astute description, and then BB said there were some “missing parts” which he didn’t understand yet, “and the game isn’t any game without them” ~ like: “How do they keep score! And who does the scoring?” Bill said these were good questions, and BB went on: “Where’s the fun? Why play a game if you don’t have fun? All those humans in there, and I didn’t see a sign of even one of them having fun.” Bill replied that most humans do have a little fun sometimes, that a smaller number had fun most of the time, and a very few all of the time.

BB had one more big question, about “the noise that messes up the M-Band (inner rings) so badly. RAM called it ’emotion’. I don’t have the least inkling of what it is.” Bill replied: “Emotion is the points, the score.” Monroe himself was surprised at this, and eagerly awaited the explanation. Bill said: “Emotion is what makes the game seem so wild, but it IS the game, the one game in which all other games are played…. The big game is to control and develop emotional energy to its most effective condition, which is vaguely set by us humans as LOVE, until we graduate. The more we score by doing this, the more fun it becomes.” He added that the beings here in the outermost ring “spend our energy going in to help other humans, in any ways we can, to improve their score ~ and so have more fun.”

BB thought this over, and then reiterated that he still didn’t have a clue to “this emotion and love energy and stuff” Bill said, “Of course you do,” and asked him why he was here now spending all this time and energy learning about humanity because he was concerned about his friend AA, and didn’t want to go home without him. This evidently struck a chord and sparked a big recognition, because BB curled up into a tight ball and just floated there motionless.

Monroe was stunned to see it. Bill assured him that BB would be all right, advised him to return to his body, and told him that they would take good care of his friend as he gradually absorbed this overwhelming ‘rote’ about the meaning of humanness and his own opening to it. As he departed, Monroe observed that Bill and his fellows were very similar to the superhuman INPECS who had been guiding him all along ~ there was only a thin line between them.

In the next episode we’ll see if the INSPECS can provide the key that will enable Monroe to close the time-loop and unravel the mystery of his out-of-body odyssey.

Chapter 7: The Loop Closes

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