All of life is an act of love ~ a neverending spasm of erotic intercourse, a secret liaison between two beings who are the dyadic halves of the whole universe. They are the primordial principles of Yang and Yin, positive and negative, inner and outer, essence and existence, Spirit and Soul. They are exalted radiant lifeforms whom we can validly and reverently humanize as God and Goddess.

This sexual cosmology may seem unique, but it’s simply a new twist on the most ancient primordial worldview, first recorded in the Vedas but going back beyond that to the dawn of humanity. And it gets deeper: God and Goddess are still making love ~ the formation of galaxies, the birth of stars, the coagulation of planets, the gestation of organic life, the origin of our species, the rise and fall of civilizations, the innumerable epics and untold tales of everyone who has ever lived and therefore died ~ all are subsumed in the invisible script of the eternal Übergasm of God and Goddess.

This is the Prologue to ÜberLove.
Chapter 1: Primeval Love

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