(In)Credible Journeys: Part II, Chapter 7

Part II recap: In his out-of-body adventures, Robert Monroe befriended a being called ‘BB’ from a world beyond the time-space illusion (TSI), searching for his friend ‘AA’ who had embarked on the journey of human life on planet Earth. After the first encounter, Monroe’s guides, the INSPECS, said that it was important for his own sake to help BB. He asked why, and they replied cryptically: “Time will tell.” Monroe and BB succeeded in connecting with AA at the end of his second and third incarnations (going back approximately 300 and 2000 years respectively), but after that he vanished into the TSI, probably for a long trek of thousands of lives. BB was resolved to wait for him nevertheless. Monroe, known affectionately to BB as RAM, took his friend on a guided tour of human life on Earth and in all the major rings of the metasphere, familiarizing him with what it meant to be human. It climaxed in the outermost ring where an Ascended Master named Bill triggered in BB a self-realization that he was developing the most important human quality: love.

7. The Loop Closes

The INSPECS took Monroe on what seemed like the most (in)credible journey yet, a time-skip to the far future to witness the outcome of human destiny, or at least a fair probability of it. Afterwards they said they had one more task before he headed back to his body, and that BB could help by performing a “very special function”. RAM found BB with their mutual friend Charley, who was living in the high end of the intermediate rings; he was teaching BB his skills of creating vast habitats of land and sea by the power of visualization.

BB was happy to go with RAM and help him in any way he could. His reaction to the INSPEC clarified the godlike nature of these entities, despite Monroe’s casual rendering of them in his text. When he overcame his awe, BB revealed that his only past inkling of such beings were wild rumors back on his homeworld, and now he was amazed to see that it was true and that they were real.

They were hovering over a pleasant countryside at night, directly above a “green pyramidlike structure with a light glowing inside”. The INSPECS said to BB, “Your friend AA is there. It is important that you help him at this point.” BB confirmed that he recognized the man in the building as AA, but just barely, no doubt because he had been changed so much by his many incarnations. It seemed that the INSPECS wanted BB to assist the man in leaving his body, to go OOB just as RAM was able to do. They said that all he had to do was “pull gently, using the energy you apply when you skip”. BB went down and proceeded to do this; Monroe watched fascinated, “wondering if this was the way it had started with me”. He felt the resistance to getting too close to AA, just as he had in the past encounters. He asked the INSPEC why this happened, and the reply was: “A true paradox refuses to exist”.

BB succeeded in separating the man’s subtle body from the physical, and the INSPEC instructed him to “inquire as to his purpose”. Monroe couldn’t hear the man’s answer because of the resistance, but the INSPEC told him: “He stated he wished to serve humankind. Very noble goal.” Now BB reported that “He wants to go with us! Can he do that?” The INSPEC said, “Inform him that he must stay and perform his designated function.” Then they watched as the man returned to his body and sank prayerfully to his knees.

The three skipped back to the intermediate rings. In a tone of finality, the INSPEC said to Monroe: “The pattern is complete. You have learned your lessons well” ~ and then vanished. Monroe knew that it was the end of the relationship with his guide, but “felt no sense of loneliness”. Now he had to take leave of BB too, who said that he had something to do. RAM knew what it was, and said, “You’ll do fine.” In other words, BB was headed for his first human incarnation.

Before they parted, BB asked if he had noticed anything especially strange about the whole process when he had pulled AA out of his body. RAM said no; BB lit up and laughed so hard it sounded almost human. Then in these good spirits he went off to the TSI entry station. On the way back to his body Monroe tried to figure out what the joke was, and why the whole scene with the man in the pyramidal structure had seemed so familiar. And then he remembered: at the time of his first OOBE back in 1959, he had been living in a house with a green roof in the shape of a perfect pyramid. He was the man in the pyramid ~ and he was AA.

So now it all fell into place: he knew why BB had “mistaken” him for AA in their first encounter; why he had taken a liking to BB and become his close friend, as alien as he was; why there was a resistance-barrier that had prevented him from getting near AA. It all made perfect sense ~ except for the mind-bending paradox of the time-loop itself. He had first left his body with the assistance of a being whom he would meet later because he was able to travel out of body, so they were then able to double back and begin the sequence. But where did it really begin? With the intervention of the INSPECS? They clearly had powers that could warp the time-space illusion in ways beyond anything he could conceive of, at least so far.

In the events related in his third and final book, Ultimate Journey, Monroe learned why the INSPECS vanished from his life at the completion of the time-loop ~ and the revelation opened up even greater paradoxes about the bendings and curvatures and cul-de-sacs of time. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, or we’re liable to meet ourselves on the way back…!

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