The Long Now

A Short Outline of MetaHistory

0. OM

THAT of Which Naught Can Be Said

1. Theogenesis

The multiverse emerges from the primordial perfection of OM in a series of great breaths, also called rounds. Each out-breath is the creation of a universe, and each in-breath is its collapse and reabsorption into OM. The universes exist simultaneously as parallel worlds in a multidimensional continuum. The first breath of OM gave rise to Divine Oneness, the Supernal Spirit. The second breath caused it to fissure internally into Spirit and Soul. This made Spirit conscious enough to become the God we refer to as “He” ~ for it is Yang, and his Anima-Soul is Yin. Here, too, was the birth of love in its highest form, the divine benevolence called Caritas.


The third breath hurled God into an Abyss, where he attained self-awareness and the knowledge that he was alone. His will was divided on the ultimate question: to be or not to be? God chose to die, then rose again into OM while retaining consciousness of self and identity. Thus he acquired the absolute power of Being and Non-Being, and the wisdom by which he could use it as the Divine Creator.

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The above is a condensed rendition. The full text can be read in the

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