White Spirit

Spiritual Awakening and Racial Affirmation


The highest realm of Spirit is beyond number, name, and form. Some traditions designate it with a big Zero, while others call it OM. It’s everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere, beyond even the ultimate God. And yet it can be attained by a human individual in nothing less than the highest state of consciousness.

In the second highest realm of Spirit, which may be called Supernal, All is One. This Oneness may likewise be accessed by humans in a whole spectrum of Supernal Experience. Those who undergo such enlightenment are thereby awakened to a divine sense of compassion for everyone. This is called Caritas, the highest form of love.

Enlightened individuals are always a small minority of any population. Larger numbers of people experience another kind of oneness in the bond of blood. For instance, a tightly-knit racial group shares the love of family among all its members; this is called Philia, the deepest form of love. It is dualistic and exclusive, fueled by enmity for people outside the racial/familial group. Such feelings can quickly escalate to hatred and violence toward outsiders who threaten the lives and welfare of those who are loved.

Despite the assumption of many who think themselves enlightened, Caritas does not exclude Philia ~ in fact these two poles of love are properly complements. People may cherish their kindred with a primal vitality that triggers the instinct by which the group acts as one being in matters of life and love and deadly conflict. Those among them who are enlightened can cause the light of Spirit to irradiate this being, the collective organism, and transmute it into the mystical body of a God. In this way, the animal passion of a gang, a mob, or a primal horde can be harnessed by the Higher Power whose compassionate love embraces friend and foe, us and them. The divine mind that guides the group knows that the conflict must still take place, but the outcome will be totally different.

Such a fusion of blood and Spirit is difficult and rare, though it was almost commonplace in past epochs. Today a fresh recurrence of this miracle is under way: white people who affirm their racial identity have embraced the path of enlightenment and given their allegiance to a Supernal Source: RamaSpirit.


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2 Responses to White Spirit

  1. dualism is a necessary prelude to monism – so enjoy the dual before you unite in monism – what i mean is that as you care for your ethnic group or tribe you will learn to care for other tribes and groups the same way.

  2. josephrex says:

    True. My question is: will you still care for your own tribe?

    I’m curious about how whiteness is viewed in India today, if that’s an appropriate question. Of course the culture and ethnic landscape is so diverse that the answer probably varies widely ~ except perhaps in Bollywood! šŸ™‚

    Are there still people who take pride in being Aryan, and do they use that word?

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