Primeval Love

Primal Love

Barbarian Love by destructorv1, I added the Dharmalove Sigil.

In the way of nature, every community, culture, or tribe begins with a man ~ a very special kind of man, endowed with the gift of abundant Yang. This enables him to triumph in battle over his adversaries, and to win for him the allegiance of other men. This league of men and their leader, who may be called Alpha, will also win the love and fidelity of women, because they possess the most desirable quality of all: Virtus. This is the root of both virility and virtue, in a verbal as well as a practical sense.

This manly virtue is likewise the source of womanly virtue, for it provides the sheltering nexus which holds back the natural adversarial forces that would otherwise destroy the community and all its members. The will of the man is backed by the force of his arms, and the will of the alpha male is backed by the strength of the other men as well. The will of the women, or of any woman among them, is also a force in itself, fueled by the power of Yin. By its inherent nature, Yin exercises its power by yielding to the force of Yang and influencing the dyadic flow in this way. Thus when the powers of men and women are in balance in a state of nature, man acts and woman responds; man creates form and woman supports it; man leads, woman follows; man molds, woman melds; man kills, woman gives birth.

This is Chapter 1 of ÜberLove.
Chapter 2: Supernal Love
Go to the Prologue and read the whole series in chronological order.

Go to the ÜberLove Web Sector for this series and more artifacts.

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