Supernal Love

When conditions are right and the time is ripe, the love of a man and woman is bathed in a radiance from above, and transformed into a glory that transcends the Earth and endures beyond the life of mortal bodies.  The primordial rapture which rises from the fire of lust suddenly surges up the shaft of the cosmic axis, fills the Sacred Heart with divine compassion, ejaculates the Holy Name in Heaven, and descends again as the blessing of redemption for the pair.  It may even bring a miraculous conception.

Supernal Love

Holy Relationship:

This beatific union of physical bodies with Supernal Spirit may seem like the most obvious thing in the world when it happens: how could we have ever forgotten that we are One in the love that always was, always will be, and is always here right now? But eternity always runs down when the passion fades; the orgasmic singularity splits into a pair of incarnate persons who will inevitably find themselves at odds on the path of life despite their love, or because of it. And the same dark fissure reappears within the being of each of the lovers: no longer are the mind and heart and will united in the bliss of Oneness, but fall back into the mortal state of self-division. This is the way of all flesh: to be fatally cleft from cradle to grave between desire for the good of self vs. that of others, between the freedom of the will vs. the consummation of surrender, between the pleasure of power over those who cohabit this lower world vs. the exquisite thrill of being used as an instrument of Higher Power.

If only there were a way for us to live under the aegis of a divinity that conjoined the Spirit and the flesh, a deity who allowed us to ply our pleasures and flex our wills right up to the point of failsafe, then intervened to save us from ourselves and grant us the choice to surrender up to its grace and guidance! If there is such a power, so perfectly honed to the needs of the fickle human heart and divided soul, it would probably only appear if a self-critical mass of humanity mustered a will that was unified strongly enough to implore its coming.

This is Chapter 2 of ÜberLove.
Chapter 3: The Goddess’ Travails
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