R. MARCUS ~ 1. Magic War


In 1994 I became convinced that the only solution for the dire state of the world was the coming of a new Avatar, a divine incarnation, a man who was more than human. I began writing a fictional account of such a spiritual & physical superman, whose name was R. Marcus. To give it maximum verisimilitude I created a fictional identity for myself as well, and told the tale as if the author, Victor Noble, had been personally involved in the adventures of his friend Marcus, and was now writing his biography. It was released as a series of booklets over the course of a year, then collected into a novel-length document. It became my most popular alt-press publication, even though nobody believed it was literally true.

In Part 1, Magic War, we learn that Marcus claims to be the rightful leader of an ancient race, the Solarians, who are the true heirs of Western Civilization. This Imperium has been infiltrated and conquered by the Ophidians, a serpent-race which rules by parasitism and deception. The magic war of the title is a confrontation pitting Marcus and his friends against a diabolic conclave of sorcerers and witches. It derives from my own experience as a practitioner of Crowleyan Thelema in a hedonistic magick-&-music scene in the 1980s. A spiritual transformation caused me to renounce the darkside and decadence, and now the Thelemites are the bad guys in the story. It features sound and vision, spells and counter-spells, and climaxes with a rip-rollickin’ fight scene.

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The Metamorph

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