(In)Credible Journeys 4

This is an added chapter to Part I, and follows from:
(In)Credible Journeys 3


God Light by Charles Edward Sellner, elfwood.com

4. An Encounter with the Creator

Perhaps because he was now pathfinding OOBE for other people, Monroe came to realize that he had had unseen help in his hazardous early journeys. This brought him into open contact with the helpers, whom he labeled with the playful acronym INSPECS, short for “intelligent species” ~ implying that humans are not quite so. The power and wisdom of these beings gradually become apparent in Monroe’s rendering of his friendly banter with them.

Always asking his permission first, his INSPEC contact caused Monroe to have a series of visionary experiences. One was a flashback to a forgotten childhood scene in which he had remembered his existence before he entered into human life. In another, he was flowing through a long, flexible tube as a waveform with a sense of identity, his basic ‘I’. Other tubes began to connect with it, and he conjoined with other ‘I’s flowing through them; each time it was an ecstatic reunion. It was moving toward the goal of the reassembly of his total Self, with the sense that this far-off completion would make him a godlike being ~ in fact, an INSPEC.

Monroe asked the INSPECS if they had created the Earth and humanity; the reply was that they could do such things if they wanted to, but in this case it’s “not their department”. In a later sequence, he expressed a desire to encounter the being who actually did create our world. The INSPECS said that he wasn’t ready for that, but agreed to take him to the vestibule of the realm where this being dwelled. As it turned out, even a glimpse from a distance, heavily shielded by the INSPECS, almost blew him away. He was convulsed by “great racking sobs” and felt like he was melting. They told him to focus on the center of the shield rather than the actual radiance visible around the rim; he did, and was then able to get himself somewhat under control, though he had to work continuously to keep the floodtide of emotion below the threshold, the feelings of rapturous wonder, joy, awe, and reverence. He perceived the source of this glory at first in the form of a “tall humanoid standing with its arms outstretched in front, palms upward”; then its shape resolved into a shining globe.

He began thinking that this must surely be “the ultimate heaven, the final home” ~ but the INSPECS then unveiled a deeper view. Behind, above, or beyond the globe, and encompassing it, was a larger one of similar appearance and even more brilliant radiance. Then he saw another still greater sphere beyond it, and another and another….

With encouragement from the INSPECS, Monroe stuck out an astral finger from behind the shield and got the tiniest little zinger of direct radiance from the sphere. It knocked him for a loop, but it was a supreme spiritual experience which transformed his life ever after.

Part II: A Loop in Time and Space


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