My life has value only if it serves the Divine Power that oversees human life and guides souls to redemption. This service can be rendered in ways that are different from the forms prescribed in the old religions, and even from the broader beliefs of postmodern (“new age”) spirituality. Sometimes the light from above illuminates a path that is so obscure that most enlightened folk will not recognize those who follow it as fellows. Sometimes the hand of Providence delivers a script so at odds with prevailing wisdom that those elected to enact it in the world will be mistaken for servants of darkness. This may even set the stage for the clash that comes at the end of every aeon, when the all-embracing Light of Love and Oneness drives its own servants and avatars to wage war among themselves….

In the 1960s millions of people were infused with a gift of Spirit, giving birth to a Geist that swept forth into the world at decade’s end, changing everything in its path but also getting diluted and corrupted in the process, until it finally exhausted itself at the designated node of a larger cycle. My own dramatic upshift into the ’60s Geist is described in Part I of my Autobiodyssey. It also covers the aftermath, when I found myself inspirited by a more familiar manifestation of divinity, Jesus Christ. This presence likewise made an impact on my life and then faded from it, and I was open to fresh infusions.

Part II of the Autobio tells how I connected with darker spirits, including one who deceptively wore the mask of Jesus. It concluded with a grand redemption into the light, assisted not by the Hosts of Heaven but by a God of the Earth who was cognate with my blood. A few years later, in 1990, I adjured a Higher Power to speak through me as I scribed a prophecy of the return of God to Earth in the year 2000. Then in the latter half of the 1990s I undertook a task of uniting Earth and Heaven: an effort to save the soul of the white race by infusing its ancient Gods of the Blood with the light of Supernal Spirit. I met a like-minded comrade, and we created a group called the White Order of Thule, named for our legendary ancestral homeland. I was also inspired to produce a series of fictional writings which reflected this theme and continued to express my expectations of an epochal event at the turn of the millennium.

Over the years, my adventures brought me into recurring contact with a dark numenal force/ power/entity that was plangently female. I encountered women, men, and groups who were under the influence of this being, and were sometimes directly controlled by it. It had a strong connection with the Goddess Kali, but was not identical with her in that, like most Hindu deities, Kali has a larger positive dharma behind her dark attributes. By contrast, the female creature I had dealt with was decisively demonic, evil in a dualistic sense. It came to me to call her Kaligar, a name whose etymology conveys this meaning. I realized that the troubles afflicting the world were heavily intercalated with the waxing power of Kaligar, and so my work of redemption necessarily opposes her, as well as the other powers of darkness.

In the summer of 1999 a wave of spiritual darkness swept over the Earth, manifesting physically as a total solar eclipse whose umbra traveled in a great arc across Europe and on through India. It occurred as the climax of an astrological grand cross, the longest in recorded history; the whole monumental augur of doom actually fulfilled the only prophecy of Nostradamus delivered with a specific date. But just over the horizon was a sign of hope: a great planetary alignment in May 2000, nine months after the eclipse. I interpreted this amazing concatenation of celestial events as emblemizing the death of the white collective soul in the Indo-European eclipse and its rebirth in the alignment. The nature and fate of the new spiritual being is foretold according to whether the planets are cast as having aligned in Taurus, as per the Tropical Zodiac of Western astrology, or in Aries as seen by astronomy and Sidereal astrology. A successful redemption hinges totally on Ramagenesis. I aligned myself with this outcome, and ever since then the keystone of my opus has been the manifestation of RamaSpirit in the new Millennium.



2 Responses to About

  1. What an amazing journey you’ve had and continue to have. So much experience to draw from in your stories. I want to hear more! You really ought to share your journey with readers on this page..from the information gleaned from your ‘author’ page, it is fascinating!

    • josephrex says:

      Thanks for your comments, Bev. I think you really have a sense of wonder! Thanks also for the advice about ‘About’, which I plan to take. I have just now learned what the function of the ‘About’ page is….

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