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The path to destiny.

Dharma 2: Awakening from the Matrix

A basic element of the spiritual path common to every culture and tradition is that the material world is full of trips and snares which beguile and entrap the seeker. This usually expands into teachings that life as we know … Continue reading

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Dharma 1, Step 2: Surrender to Spirit

The trademark of life in postmodern times is that it’s guilt-free. People who still accept responsibility for themselves and acknowledge their faults are often mocked as repressed or neurotic or worse. This may be true in some cases, but it’s … Continue reading

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Seven Dharmas

Introduction Dharma is the path we have to follow to fulfill our destiny, in the Spirit and the flesh. It’s the struggle for virtue amidst the vicissitudes of life. Dharma encompasses morality, ethics, and religious righteousness, but transcends them all. … Continue reading

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Sex and the Spirit

Sex is the most primal act, but it’s the key to love, which is the heart of spiritual practice. At the same time, unrestrained indulgence in sex is a major factor in the degeneration of humanity in postmodern times. Not … Continue reading

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Spiritual Surrender

The beginning and the end of every spiritual path is surrender. People who have never experienced it tend to ask: surrender to who or to what? But a more important question is: who or what surrenders? The standard answer is … Continue reading

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Pathfinding in the Postmodern Wilderness

I’ve lived in a no-man’s land for many years, a twilight zone between subcultures. To a great extent I share the worldview of the broad swath of neo-spirituality generally referred to as the New Age. Like millions of other people, … Continue reading

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