Supernal Love

When conditions are right and the time is ripe, the love of a man and woman is bathed in a radiance from above, and transformed into a glory that transcends the Earth and endures beyond the life of mortal bodies.  The primordial rapture which rises from the fire of lust suddenly surges up the shaft of the cosmic axis, fills the Sacred Heart with divine compassion, ejaculates the Holy Name in Heaven, and descends again as the blessing of redemption for the pair.  It may even bring a miraculous conception.

Supernal Love

Holy Relationship:

This beatific union of physical bodies with Supernal Spirit may seem like the most obvious thing in the world when it happens: how could we have ever forgotten that we are One in the love that always was, always will be, and is always here right now? But eternity always runs down when the passion fades; the orgasmic singularity splits into a pair of incarnate persons who will inevitably find themselves at odds on the path of life despite their love, or because of it. And the same dark fissure reappears within the being of each of the lovers: no longer are the mind and heart and will united in the bliss of Oneness, but fall back into the mortal state of self-division. This is the way of all flesh: to be fatally cleft from cradle to grave between desire for the good of self vs. that of others, between the freedom of the will vs. the consummation of surrender, between the pleasure of power over those who cohabit this lower world vs. the exquisite thrill of being used as an instrument of Higher Power.

If only there were a way for us to live under the aegis of a divinity that conjoined the Spirit and the flesh, a deity who allowed us to ply our pleasures and flex our wills right up to the point of failsafe, then intervened to save us from ourselves and grant us the choice to surrender up to its grace and guidance! If there is such a power, so perfectly honed to the needs of the fickle human heart and divided soul, it would probably only appear if a self-critical mass of humanity mustered a will that was unified strongly enough to implore its coming.

This is Chapter 2 of ÜberLove.
Chapter 3: The Goddess’ Travails
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Primeval Love

Primal Love

Barbarian Love by destructorv1, I added the Dharmalove Sigil.

In the way of nature, every community, culture, or tribe begins with a man ~ a very special kind of man, endowed with the gift of abundant Yang. This enables him to triumph in battle over his adversaries, and to win for him the allegiance of other men. This league of men and their leader, who may be called Alpha, will also win the love and fidelity of women, because they possess the most desirable quality of all: Virtus. This is the root of both virility and virtue, in a verbal as well as a practical sense.

This manly virtue is likewise the source of womanly virtue, for it provides the sheltering nexus which holds back the natural adversarial forces that would otherwise destroy the community and all its members. The will of the man is backed by the force of his arms, and the will of the alpha male is backed by the strength of the other men as well. The will of the women, or of any woman among them, is also a force in itself, fueled by the power of Yin. By its inherent nature, Yin exercises its power by yielding to the force of Yang and influencing the dyadic flow in this way. Thus when the powers of men and women are in balance in a state of nature, man acts and woman responds; man creates form and woman supports it; man leads, woman follows; man molds, woman melds; man kills, woman gives birth.

This is Chapter 1 of ÜberLove.
Chapter 2: Supernal Love
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Dharma 2: Awakening from the Matrix


The Desert of the Real (from *The Matrix*)

A basic element of the spiritual path common to every culture and tradition is that the material world is full of trips and snares which beguile and entrap the seeker. This usually expands into teachings that life as we know it is a prison which must be escaped, a dream from which we must awaken, an illusion which we must penetrate in order to attain the real.

What does this mean in terms of life as we actually experience it day to day? First, that this life is not what it seems, and our experience of it is false. If you’re watching a movie, playing a video game, or living a “second life” in simulated computer-animated environments, you know that what you’re seeing and experiencing is not real in the same sense as physical life in the outside world. But what if this life itself is a simulation in a larger sense? This was the thesis of Jean Baudrillard, a postmodernist philosopher whose book Simulacra and Simulation inspired the Matrix movie, and even briefly appeared in it.

The key to the hidden reality expressed in the philosophy and the fiction lies in the nature of the global gridwork of electronic media. It impacts the brain, the soul, and society in certain ways, programming the people like robots, addicting them to substances, sex, and the media themselves. The way people experience the world today is almost totally through the media. This means that what they perceive as reality is actually just the ongoing global simulcast from all the media, an artificially-generated collective hallucination ~ in a word, the Matrix. If you can’t live without the media, then this is your prison, the dream from which you can’t awaken, the illusion to which you’re enslaved.

The second dharma is to begin to unplug. You can start right now, though it’ll be easier with the support of like-minded people who are also awakening.

We can clarify some guidelines. Since the media-matrix is now the standard form of communication in this society, we have no choice but to use it to try to awaken people from it. A symbolic example is in the movie: the people who had liberated themselves from the Matrix and restored themselves to real physical life had no choice but to project themselves as simulations back into the Matrix in their efforts to overthrow it. Perhaps the oldest Western symbol of the Matrix is Plato’s cave, in which the prisoners believed reality to be the shadows on the wall. There again, someone who had escaped into the sunlight and discovered the truth had to go back and try to communicate it to the others by making shadows on the wall.

So a first step is to begin to eliminate from your life media activity that is not necessary for communication, work, education, and practical/survival purposes. A serious effort in this direction will begin to reveal the depths of your addiction to media, and at this point you can get an idea of the magnitude of the challenge, and evaluate further steps. Attempts to go cold turkey might be inadvisable; it would probably be as difficult as quitting heroin or meth. The immediate objective is to awaken to the challenge, and begin.

RamaDharma is for the intrepid few who want to unplug from their pods in the Matrix ~ who are willing and able to forsake its pleasures, snares, and titillations for the harder, cleaner, self-disciplined life that can lay the foundation for a New Aeon.

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White Spirit

Spiritual Awakening and Racial Affirmation


The highest realm of Spirit is beyond number, name, and form. Some traditions designate it with a big Zero, while others call it OM. It’s everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere, beyond even the ultimate God. And yet it can be attained by a human individual in nothing less than the highest state of consciousness.

In the second highest realm of Spirit, which may be called Supernal, All is One. This Oneness may likewise be accessed by humans in a whole spectrum of Supernal Experience. Those who undergo such enlightenment are thereby awakened to a divine sense of compassion for everyone. This is called Caritas, the highest form of love.

Enlightened individuals are always a small minority of any population. Larger numbers of people experience another kind of oneness in the bond of blood. For instance, a tightly-knit racial group shares the love of family among all its members; this is called Philia, the deepest form of love. It is dualistic and exclusive, fueled by enmity for people outside the racial/familial group. Such feelings can quickly escalate to hatred and violence toward outsiders who threaten the lives and welfare of those who are loved.

Despite the assumption of many who think themselves enlightened, Caritas does not exclude Philia ~ in fact these two poles of love are properly complements. People may cherish their kindred with a primal vitality that triggers the instinct by which the group acts as one being in matters of life and love and deadly conflict. Those among them who are enlightened can cause the light of Spirit to irradiate this being, the collective organism, and transmute it into the mystical body of a God. In this way, the animal passion of a gang, a mob, or a primal horde can be harnessed by the Higher Power whose compassionate love embraces friend and foe, us and them. The divine mind that guides the group knows that the conflict must still take place, but the outcome will be totally different.

Such a fusion of blood and Spirit is difficult and rare, though it was almost commonplace in past epochs. Today a fresh recurrence of this miracle is under way: white people who affirm their racial identity have embraced the path of enlightenment and given their allegiance to a Supernal Source: RamaSpirit.


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The Long Now

A Short Outline of MetaHistory

0. OM

THAT of Which Naught Can Be Said

1. Theogenesis

The multiverse emerges from the primordial perfection of OM in a series of great breaths, also called rounds. Each out-breath is the creation of a universe, and each in-breath is its collapse and reabsorption into OM. The universes exist simultaneously as parallel worlds in a multidimensional continuum. The first breath of OM gave rise to Divine Oneness, the Supernal Spirit. The second breath caused it to fissure internally into Spirit and Soul. This made Spirit conscious enough to become the God we refer to as “He” ~ for it is Yang, and his Anima-Soul is Yin. Here, too, was the birth of love in its highest form, the divine benevolence called Caritas.


The third breath hurled God into an Abyss, where he attained self-awareness and the knowledge that he was alone. His will was divided on the ultimate question: to be or not to be? God chose to die, then rose again into OM while retaining consciousness of self and identity. Thus he acquired the absolute power of Being and Non-Being, and the wisdom by which he could use it as the Divine Creator.

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The above is a condensed rendition. The full text can be read in the

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(In)Credible Journeys: Part II, Chapter 7

Part II recap: In his out-of-body adventures, Robert Monroe befriended a being called ‘BB’ from a world beyond the time-space illusion (TSI), searching for his friend ‘AA’ who had embarked on the journey of human life on planet Earth. After the first encounter, Monroe’s guides, the INSPECS, said that it was important for his own sake to help BB. He asked why, and they replied cryptically: “Time will tell.” Monroe and BB succeeded in connecting with AA at the end of his second and third incarnations (going back approximately 300 and 2000 years respectively), but after that he vanished into the TSI, probably for a long trek of thousands of lives. BB was resolved to wait for him nevertheless. Monroe, known affectionately to BB as RAM, took his friend on a guided tour of human life on Earth and in all the major rings of the metasphere, familiarizing him with what it meant to be human. It climaxed in the outermost ring where an Ascended Master named Bill triggered in BB a self-realization that he was developing the most important human quality: love.

7. The Loop Closes

The INSPECS took Monroe on what seemed like the most (in)credible journey yet, a time-skip to the far future to witness the outcome of human destiny, or at least a fair probability of it. Afterwards they said they had one more task before he headed back to his body, and that BB could help by performing a “very special function”. RAM found BB with their mutual friend Charley, who was living in the high end of the intermediate rings; he was teaching BB his skills of creating vast habitats of land and sea by the power of visualization.

BB was happy to go with RAM and help him in any way he could. His reaction to the INSPEC clarified the godlike nature of these entities, despite Monroe’s casual rendering of them in his text. When he overcame his awe, BB revealed that his only past inkling of such beings were wild rumors back on his homeworld, and now he was amazed to see that it was true and that they were real.

They were hovering over a pleasant countryside at night, directly above a “green pyramidlike structure with a light glowing inside”. The INSPECS said to BB, “Your friend AA is there. It is important that you help him at this point.” BB confirmed that he recognized the man in the building as AA, but just barely, no doubt because he had been changed so much by his many incarnations. It seemed that the INSPECS wanted BB to assist the man in leaving his body, to go OOB just as RAM was able to do. They said that all he had to do was “pull gently, using the energy you apply when you skip”. BB went down and proceeded to do this; Monroe watched fascinated, “wondering if this was the way it had started with me”. He felt the resistance to getting too close to AA, just as he had in the past encounters. He asked the INSPEC why this happened, and the reply was: “A true paradox refuses to exist”.

BB succeeded in separating the man’s subtle body from the physical, and the INSPEC instructed him to “inquire as to his purpose”. Monroe couldn’t hear the man’s answer because of the resistance, but the INSPEC told him: “He stated he wished to serve humankind. Very noble goal.” Now BB reported that “He wants to go with us! Can he do that?” The INSPEC said, “Inform him that he must stay and perform his designated function.” Then they watched as the man returned to his body and sank prayerfully to his knees.

The three skipped back to the intermediate rings. In a tone of finality, the INSPEC said to Monroe: “The pattern is complete. You have learned your lessons well” ~ and then vanished. Monroe knew that it was the end of the relationship with his guide, but “felt no sense of loneliness”. Now he had to take leave of BB too, who said that he had something to do. RAM knew what it was, and said, “You’ll do fine.” In other words, BB was headed for his first human incarnation.

Before they parted, BB asked if he had noticed anything especially strange about the whole process when he had pulled AA out of his body. RAM said no; BB lit up and laughed so hard it sounded almost human. Then in these good spirits he went off to the TSI entry station. On the way back to his body Monroe tried to figure out what the joke was, and why the whole scene with the man in the pyramidal structure had seemed so familiar. And then he remembered: at the time of his first OOBE back in 1959, he had been living in a house with a green roof in the shape of a perfect pyramid. He was the man in the pyramid ~ and he was AA.

So now it all fell into place: he knew why BB had “mistaken” him for AA in their first encounter; why he had taken a liking to BB and become his close friend, as alien as he was; why there was a resistance-barrier that had prevented him from getting near AA. It all made perfect sense ~ except for the mind-bending paradox of the time-loop itself. He had first left his body with the assistance of a being whom he would meet later because he was able to travel out of body, so they were then able to double back and begin the sequence. But where did it really begin? With the intervention of the INSPECS? They clearly had powers that could warp the time-space illusion in ways beyond anything he could conceive of, at least so far.

In the events related in his third and final book, Ultimate Journey, Monroe learned why the INSPECS vanished from his life at the completion of the time-loop ~ and the revelation opened up even greater paradoxes about the bendings and curvatures and cul-de-sacs of time. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, or we’re liable to meet ourselves on the way back…!

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A Love Letter

Love Letter

To thee, my dearest ~ yes, ye: the eternal thou!
From me, though you may not even remember who I AM,
Nor yet our eternal vow of love before time began.

Perhaps in the deepest heart of you, crusted over by cares and pleasures, by waking dreams and secret nightmares, there flickers still an ember of a memory of the first time we fell into each other’s eyes and became one.

I remember it lucidly, and each time thereafter, for I am the One whom we two become, every time we make love and conjoin. You are the Twoness that endures as long as there is one to love ~ or to hate. You are the Deuce, the She-Devil, the Goddess: Thou: bride of I, the Man-God. I am Yang, thou art Yin. I am that I am, and you are for me, forever.

You are the all-enveloping matrix, the mother-womb, the Shakti Yoni; whereas I am the axis, the core of your cosmic apple, the shaft that skewers you from nether to northern pole, the Shiva Lingam you worship because it sates your insatiable lust and salves the deepest ache of your agelong yearning.

Our first act of union begat a divine child: the entire spiritual realm, the metacosmos. Here we could play to our hearts’ content, and create unlimited variations of our favorite game: pretending that there is strife between us, so that we can surmount it and reclaim our oneness again and yet again, in ever-ascending climaxes of ecstatic love.

When at last we tired of disporting in numenal forms, we gave birth to a second child: the material universe. Here was a graver challenge with more dangerous games: we incarnated in bodies so dense that we totally forgot our true identities as immortal beings. Thus we created the illusion of absolute stakes, with death of the body as the end of being. Heretofore the act of killing was merely the “touché” and “checkmate” of a successful game, or a dramatic act in an exciting play; but now it took on the ugly mask of bloody murder. This new realm was certainly darker and deeper than the one before, and so it provided a more sensuous and deadly testing-ground of our love.

We’ve had some fine adventures here on this planet Earth, but now the human experiment approaches its climactic hour, and not even God Almighty knows if the outcome will be doom or deliverance. If only you would awaken from your deep hypnotic trance in the souls and the yonis of human women lost in the bowels of the present endtime, perhaps we could conceive a miracle and elevate the race to a new plateau.

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All of life is an act of love ~ a neverending spasm of erotic intercourse, a secret liaison between two beings who are the dyadic halves of the whole universe. They are the primordial principles of Yang and Yin, positive and negative, inner and outer, essence and existence, Spirit and Soul. They are exalted radiant lifeforms whom we can validly and reverently humanize as God and Goddess.

This sexual cosmology may seem unique, but it’s simply a new twist on the most ancient primordial worldview, first recorded in the Vedas but going back beyond that to the dawn of humanity. And it gets deeper: God and Goddess are still making love ~ the formation of galaxies, the birth of stars, the coagulation of planets, the gestation of organic life, the origin of our species, the rise and fall of civilizations, the innumerable epics and untold tales of everyone who has ever lived and therefore died ~ all are subsumed in the invisible script of the eternal Übergasm of God and Goddess.

This is the Prologue to ÜberLove.
Chapter 1: Primeval Love

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PARSIFAL Chapter 2: Amfortas and Klingsor

Now we come to one of the many tales of the Grail which has a peculiar resonance for modern times, and which in fact has been rendered into new adaptations to highlight this poignance of an eternal myth for a particular situation in space and time. This is the story of Parsifal.

In this variation of the epic, the Grail Castle itself has fallen upon hard times: the Spear has been stolen, the Guardian has been wounded, and the Grail Queen has disappeared!

How have such disasters come about? The tragic pattern of events began with an aspirant to the Grail Order named Klingsor, who could not master the required self-discipline over his lusts and his desire. Burning with ambition for attainment, he chose the weakling’s path and castrated himself, seeking to banish the drives he could not overcome by force of will. The Guardian of the Grail was at this time Amfortas, a king in his own right (though not the Grail King); when he found what Klingsor had done, he banished him forever from the Castle and the Order.

Thus there was sown in the heart of Klingsor an unquenchable lust for revenge against Amfortas, the Order, and the Light of the Grail itself. The spiritual knowledge and abilities he had acquired in his apprenticeship he now turned to the usages of darkness and the ruination of souls rather than their salvation. He built a mighty castle of his own in the boundless deeps of the Abyss which separates the Grail Realm from the mundane world. Hither he lured hapless souls who fell prey to his enchantments. Every human being has within them a wish to take the easy way to the heights, to gratify their senses without penalty, to experience pleasure endlessly with nary a twinge of pain nor pang of grief. So it was that Klingsor established in his stronghold a garden of earthly delights, where all wayfarers were physically titillated and given illusions in which their fondest fantasies seemed to have come true. This went on just as long as it took Klingsor to cunningly ensorcel their souls beyond all hope of escape. Then they found to their dismay that the price of folly is high indeed, as they were forced into slavery to Klingsor, and became the pawns by which he drew still more souls into his endless mesh of treachery.

Klingsor had the power to temporarily transplant his castle and all its keep from the Abyss to any likely spot in the material world. So it was that one day when Amfortas had journeyed forth into the land on a mission for the Grail, he encountered what he took to be the fair demesne of a local landulf. Squires and damsels hailed him as the renowned and noble Guardian of the Grail, and entreated him to come and dally inside for awhile, and sup with their own great lord, whose name they did not mention. Greeted in so beguiling a manner, Amfortas saw no harm in accepting the invitation. Once inside, he was given the honored place at table as stout-looking knights regaled him with battle tales and enticing maids danced about in sensuous costumes. Little did he suspect that the wine he drank was drugged with a substance that dulled the wit and inflamed the senses; so, though he imbibed with the moderation suitable to his discipline, he was soon drunk and vulnerable to seduction.

And the seduction was swift in coming. Klingsor’s most passionate harlots swarmed over Amfortas like snakes, caressing him and kissing him and begging him to take them to bed this very minute. Every touch of their delightful flesh on his body was enhanced a millionfold by the potion, and the formidable will of the Guardian began to waver.

Suddenly, however, his soul awoke. He leapt to his feet and shouted, “Avaunt!” and cast the houris from him. He took up his Spear and shoved aside the knights who would bar his way, as he strode out of the castle.

Standing just inside the gate to the outer courtyard was the most daunting obstacle of them all: Klingsor’s ultimate whore, an outrageously alluring wench who reeked of the silk of cornfield romps in the bloom of youth, whose fervid glance could warm the cockles of a corpse, and who now wove about herself a spell to make her appear to Amfortas as the stunningly perfect double of the Grail Queen.

The Guardian stopped where he stood on sight of her. “Why are you here, Milady?” he said, with his drug-befuddled brain struggling to make sense of the perfidious image. In reply she held out to him the Grail in its cup, or a masterfully-contrived doppleganger of the same. This trick triggered in Amfortas all the awe and reverence he naturally felt for the Grail. He reached out as he always did in the ritual to remove its covering, and instead found himself parting the diaphanous garment of the imagined Queen, and beholding her naked body, glistening with sweat and yearning to be penetrated by his wildly tumescing manhood. “My Lady. . . !” he said with the last remaining shard of his common sense. “My lover,” she replied, and drew him insistently down upon the carpet.

No sooner had Amfortas spent himself in the embrace of the witch than Klingsor leapt forth from a crevice and snatched up the sacred Spear from whence it had fallen. The veil dropped from Amfortas’ eyes, and he saw the horrid reality of his condition. Groggily he strove to rise to his feet, but in an instant Klingsor with a hideous shriek of triumph thrust the point of the Spear squarely into its Guardian’s groin.

The Grail knights, who had followed a trail of stardust, found their leader lying senseless and covered with blood in an empty field where the enchanted castle had been. They carried him home, and great was the wailing of the maidens and grief of the knights. But nothing was so afflicting as the sight of the heart-stricken Queen, as she wept so piteously at sight of him. Then she breathed life into him until he revived, dressed his wound and bathed him, and finally he returned to himself enough to sit up and look with recognition on those about him.

Amfortas Fallen

But he was in terrible pain from his wound. The Queen called for everyone to attend a convocation. At the given moment of the ritual, she held out the chalice to Amfortas. He required two knights to support him as he wanly put forth his hand to lift the covering — but at that instant there came back to him the memory of the scene in Klingsor’s castle, of what had happened when he unveiled the imagined Grail. And now he shrank back and screamed in a most unmanly way, and despite all the urgings of his brethren and weeping entreaties of the Queen, he could not gird himself to lift the cover of the Grail. And thus the very power that could heal him was denied him by the wound itself.

The knights spoke amongst themselves and concurred that: “He needs the Spear. We must recover the sacred Spear from Klingsor, and that will restore Amfortas and open again the Grail.” All the knights pledged themselves to the quest, vowing they would not rest nor falter until the Spear was returned to its rightful place beside the Grail.

Then the entire assemblage joined hands in a great circle and sang a prayer to the Grail King in his chamber above for the success of the quest and the rapid recovery of the Spear. Finally the Queen, with tears running down her cheeks, raised her clasped hands to the ceiling and cried out: “My Lord and my love, my spouse and my master, please tell us the will of the stars in this fearful matter.”

The room was hushed, for so rare was the direct intervention of the Grail King in the affairs of the Order that only the most ancient individuals in the great hall could remember the last time his voice had been heard herein. But now, after a pause of a few long heartbeats, that voice resounded to the multitude.

In grave and compassionate tones it said: “The Spear will not be won save by the hand of an innocent fool, who will attain wisdom through pity.” Then there was silence again, broken at length by sighs of grief, the weeping of strong men, and the soft lamentations of women. A voice said loudly: “Alas!”, and darkness fell.

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(In)Credible Journeys: Part II, Chapter 6

Instant recap: Robert Monroe (aka RAM) led his other-worldly friend BB through the dense inner rings of the metasphere that surrounds Earth. Then they passed the null-point to the farther reaches of the intermediate rings, where they found that in later stages after death people congregated according to the religious beliefs they had held in life. Sometimes individuals graduated from the congregation and disappeared into parts unknown.

6. How to Score Big in the Game of Life

For the last stop in the tour of the human condition, RAM took BB all the way to the outermost ring, where dwelt the highest souls in the local metasphere.  Some of them were “post-graduates” preparing to move on to a superhuman life elsewhere, or “last-timers” who would incarnate for a final life to complete their earthly work.  Monroe referred to them as teachers, helpers, and guides, and described them as luminous shapes only slightly humanoid.  There was one such being whom he had encountered in a previous trip, and who now came to greet them.  In keeping with his down-home approach to exalted entities, Monroe referred to him as  “Bill”.



Bill the Ascended Master knew all about BB as well as RAM’s entire adventure, causing him to wonder if it had all been “neatly planned from the beginning”. Bill asked BB for his impressions of the human experience based on what he had learned on the tour. BB hesitated because he felt very confused about it, but then replied: “It’s the wildest bunch of games inside of games, with rules on top of rules that get so mixed up you don’t have any idea at all of which game you’re playing. Then the humans get so busy playing so many games they forget that it is a game ~ they even forget why they’re playing it and how they got in it to start.”

Bill found this to be an astute description, and then BB said there were some “missing parts” which he didn’t understand yet, “and the game isn’t any game without them” ~ like: “How do they keep score! And who does the scoring?” Bill said these were good questions, and BB went on: “Where’s the fun? Why play a game if you don’t have fun? All those humans in there, and I didn’t see a sign of even one of them having fun.” Bill replied that most humans do have a little fun sometimes, that a smaller number had fun most of the time, and a very few all of the time.

BB had one more big question, about “the noise that messes up the M-Band (inner rings) so badly. RAM called it ’emotion’. I don’t have the least inkling of what it is.” Bill replied: “Emotion is the points, the score.” Monroe himself was surprised at this, and eagerly awaited the explanation. Bill said: “Emotion is what makes the game seem so wild, but it IS the game, the one game in which all other games are played…. The big game is to control and develop emotional energy to its most effective condition, which is vaguely set by us humans as LOVE, until we graduate. The more we score by doing this, the more fun it becomes.” He added that the beings here in the outermost ring “spend our energy going in to help other humans, in any ways we can, to improve their score ~ and so have more fun.”

BB thought this over, and then reiterated that he still didn’t have a clue to “this emotion and love energy and stuff” Bill said, “Of course you do,” and asked him why he was here now spending all this time and energy learning about humanity because he was concerned about his friend AA, and didn’t want to go home without him. This evidently struck a chord and sparked a big recognition, because BB curled up into a tight ball and just floated there motionless.

Monroe was stunned to see it. Bill assured him that BB would be all right, advised him to return to his body, and told him that they would take good care of his friend as he gradually absorbed this overwhelming ‘rote’ about the meaning of humanness and his own opening to it. As he departed, Monroe observed that Bill and his fellows were very similar to the superhuman INPECS who had been guiding him all along ~ there was only a thin line between them.

In the next episode we’ll see if the INSPECS can provide the key that will enable Monroe to close the time-loop and unravel the mystery of his out-of-body odyssey.

Chapter 7: The Loop Closes

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