Spiritual Cross-Pollination

Spiritual Experience

How can it be that the almighty power that created the cosmos is experienced by mortal beings? Can the pellucid omniscience of the mind of God really flash through the brains of humans, and fill them with divine light? By what miracle does the Sacred Heart come to beat in the breast of an imperfect man or woman, and kindle the spark of divine universal love? And above all, how is it possible that even rare individuals come to know and comprehend the timeless, boundless, perfection beyond all form?
Whatever the how and why, there can be no doubt that it happens. And it seems to be happening a lot more in the present day than it ever did before ~ or perhaps it’s just that the open nature of postmodern times allows more people to come forth and tell the visions that would’ve been branded anathema and punished as heresy in previous eras.
Perhaps the most amazing thing happening today is the globalization of spiritual knowledge. Divine revelations, encounters, and enlightenments occur in the context of any and all traditional belief-systems, and can be compared and cross-referenced with others on the World Wide Web. The results of this postmodern miracle are truly mind-expanding, but can also be very confusing and fraught with peril.
In the posts to follow, I’ll relate some of my own spiritual experiences and those of other people, in hopes of stimulating a dialogue on the mysteries of spiritual experience.
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