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The Sacred Nights

Note: The word Thuleans in this essay refers to all white people who have awakened to their racial heritage.  It’s based on the mythos of our spiritual homeland: Thule. In the year 2000 I was communicating by email with a … Continue reading

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The Alpha and Omega of Love

THULE ~ An Alt-Reality 3. The Alpha and Omega of Love In Thule men are warriors and leaders, while women are wives, mothers, and lovers. This is because they are primal people living in a state of nature ~ and in … Continue reading

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THULE ~ An Alt-Reality

Introduction Life as it’s lived in postmodern times is not my life. The world as it is ~ or at least as it seems to be ~ is not my world at all. Sometimes when the Moon is full, or … Continue reading

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Once and Future Thule

Like taste, there’s no accounting for myth. What stirs one man’s heart and fills his mind with dreams of glory, makes another scratch his head and think it’s boring. But when a myth takes on the same meaning for two … Continue reading

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R. MARCUS ~ 1. Magic War

In 1994 I became convinced that the only solution for the dire state of the world was the coming of a new Avatar, a divine incarnation, a man who was more than human. I began writing a fictional account of … Continue reading

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